About the author

By Sukhan – life time friend and technical Co-Creator of this blog

She was born into this world to speak truthfully; later on she noticed that not everybody likes to listen. So she learned – sometimes the hard way – to keep silent when needed. Mostly she succeeded.

The dance of life made her a dancer at one point in time. Then she danced to India, where she met gurus and friends. She became spiritual until she saw through spirituality and discovered that it’s just another new dress for the emperor.

Now she’s living in Australia in a little village called Narrikup, where cangaroos roam and country roads prevail. (in Oct 2022 she moved back to the UK and lives with her partner in Devon).

That sounds like a pretty good life, eh..?

It does, and it is. And it becomes even better, because now she is blogging the quintessential insights and conclusions from these strange and wonderful happenings in a nicely edited, digestible way – that’s true!

Adima about herself (2020)