THE HARA – Conductor of our Immune System

Our natural immune system is the belly centre, also known as the HARA.

In Eastern cultures it is quite common and normal to speak about the Hara. Unlike the Heart or the Brain, the Hara does not manifest with an organ as such. One could say it is in the zone which is surrounded by the colon.

The Hara is a distinct, fine tuned and very capable energy centre, also often referred to as the centre of our being.
The brain, the heart and the hara are the main three energy centres in our body.

About 20 years ago, the GEO magazine titled an article something like “proof of the belly brain”. Near science had found and proven that in the belly we have the same kind of cells as we have in the brain. To make a long story short: they proved the Hara.

Activating and strengthening the Hara is what’s needed in these times. This is possible by simple Hara focused meditative exercises and also by the body work of Tibetan Pulsing

Physically, the Hara is located in the belly, 2 fingers width below the navel and as deep inside.

Simply by concentrating on this area, you will feel something like a calming, a sense of strength or a feeling of resting within yourself.

It is from the Hara that our instincts operate. What makes us act before we think or analyse our feelings. The Hara signals to the brain to protect us when we are in danger. It also provides “superhuman strength” when that’s needed in order to protect or rescue ourselves. It has a direct communication line with the adrenal glands and with the part of the brain that helps us figuring out what’s right and what’s wrong.

In a way, the Hara decides “what’s good for you” before you do. It is an inner knowing, before thinking. Spontaneity and dignity in our action are directly related to this.

If you like a profound sound of Hara listen to the GyotoMonks

Tibetan Pulsing activates the Hara functions of self-awareness and stabilises the immune system. It discharges negative emotions, especially anger. By balancing the polarities, our centre of being shifts into the hara, our heart begins to conduct relationships and the brain and mind become useful servants. Tibetan Pulsing activates the energy channels and discharges the blockages, so that a natural conscious re-connecting with true one-self can happen.

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