7 – 22 Nov: Trust

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What do this cute cat, a genius, a rose flower and the Rocky Horror Picture Show have in common? They all vibrate the same frequency in our nervous system! And much more. One of the most gifted antennae of perception in our bodies is right at the base of our spine. Yes, strangely enough that includes the arsehole. The spinal base is like a little radar search engine, receptive to vibrations in the environment. It detects friends and foe, potential lovers or turn on, desired objects before we see them and it determines whether or not it is safe for us to get closer or be in touch. Whether or not we make our private life public, and how much of it we make accessible, is ‘decided’ by our bottoms. The decision is made before we can think about it. The frequency that runs this antenna and vibrates during this cycle is equally responsible for being a genius or a total failure. It holds the possibility and the potential for good or bad communication, and deep pain of separation, in our emotions and feelings. That’s a lot to explore!

When we’re babies, the signals sent from the spinal base reach up to the brain pretty much direct and pure. At that time we produce pre-logical sounds to express ourselves and relate with others.
As we grow, each of the twenty-four vertebrae of the upper spine develop their very own electrical resonance as more bio-electrical signals (in the form of sound/words) reach our system.
Over time, the signals coming in from the spinal base get charged with information before they reach the brain. Eventually this is what forms our individual appearance, and we begin to express through the sounds of language to communicate with others. Pre-logical sounds at first, words come later. Unfortunately, by the time we can do that, we have also been imprinted by either falling on our bums or being hit there. Falling on our bums when we learn walking is a natural learning process. When it doesn’t work and we plump down on the ground, the spine gets that little hit at the bottom, which actually activates the motion centre at the top of the brain. Being hit (by another human) isn’t natural, quite the opposite. It is a traumatising imprint to the most delicate zone of our bodies and creates tensions which influence our perception of self and our public appearance. As a result we may walk through life with a tight ass and a stiff spine, mistrusting everyone.

Public matters and our appearance and public roles are dealt with by the electrical flow in the upper part of our spine, the 24 vertebrae, while private matters are managed through the base of the spine. The challenge and the problem is that, in order to fit in with the public eye, we learn to believe that we cannot or should not expose our private parts of body or psyche to anyone. This attitude creates a sense of separation that makes us feel uneasy. We begin to perform in unnatural ways and lose touch with our own beauty and worthiness. We attach to objects, people or life styles in order to fit in and eventually create a very painful position, the position of being outsiders within ourselves. A successful remedy would be to relax your ass. Relax that spinal base. … In case you find you don’t even know how to do that any more, relax with that discovery and keep going until a healthy sense of your base connection is felt and conscious action in the public world becomes possible without compromising on how you are.
The way to go is best described in one word: EASY … easy…. easy … being gentle with yourself … feeling the delicacy of yourself brings the sense of the strength of a rose. Yes, a rose flower can be crushed; so can we. We are delicate creatures, yet also immensely resilient and strong, the more we’re able to allow life to live us.

There’s nothing wrong with privacy, or with protecting it, and nothing wrong with playing our roles in public. Enough privacy, also within close relationship, is necessary for a healthy mental and psychological state. To experience oneself deeply at ease, alone, safe and private, creates a sense of divinity. What makes it difficult to relax with one’s public and one’s private life is trying to fulfil the obligations and expectations that come from the outside. That creates fear of failure and if you’re lucky failure itself. Only by going through the failures can we truly learn to experience and to recognise the ease that follows the revelation that failing is very liberating. It takes you home to yourself. We can only do what we are ready. No-one can do more than they can. That is not possible. This is so simple. But when we look around and at ourselves, we’re all inclined to engage in actions and tasks that are not according to our merit, not matching our skills or too much for our capacity.

Yes, we have a sense in us of thriving, of exploring, of outgrowing ourselves and developing further. When that sense is given space and freedom from judgement, it will explore and discover its own pacing, and follow the divine flow. People we call geniuses have that gift of protecting their privacy enough to commit their soul’s quest to the universal flow and allow being used for discoveries and development. Their life style or personality often looks eccentric or crazy, which is simply a way of protecting what is called privacy. Privacy is as individual as your needs. Privacy isn’t even an opposite of public. Both are simply versions of yourself relating and communicating with God in the form of yourself, of the world around you and of everyone else in it.

No-one of us (in the so far known universe) can be more than a human being and no one is ever less than the Divine itself. Once this truth settles into the nervous system, trust has a chance to spread everywhere inside and outside in your life. Trust is not a concept, it is not the relation between parts of a story; a story of expectations being fulfilled. Trust is a deeply relaxed state of being, free of judgment and beyond rhyme and reason, beyond polarised opposites. It is nameless, formless, shameless love helping us overcome separation. The flavour of trust is ease or as Osho put it in his famous slogan “Easy is right!”
When the whole world turns against you, when everything’s going wrong and you can’t put it right. When your failures are being discussed in public and your friends turn their back to you, that might be exactly the moment to discover unconditional trust in nothing and no-one in particular. It can’t be done. It happens to you when you relax… your ass.

7 Nov (j un)
Today is an opportunity to clear deep attachment to objects, things or people, which life has been taking away from us – or is in process of breaking up our attachment to them. The more we hold on to something that isn’t here or isn’t available, the more we suffer. Some people call this state “the mortal wound”. As dramatic as that sounds, it does hit very deep and it makes us feel that way. However, while you are not in that state, take a look: what is it that is ‘mortally wounded’, what is it that would die, when it doesn’t get or achieve what it wants? This mortal wound, this deep pain of separation from all, from God, from others, from self – this is created and experienced by the owner of the “I-me-mine-story”.
I intentionally avoid the word ‘ego’, simply because it is past its use by date and too loaded with projections. In the I-me-mine-story, it is always the depth of feeling we experience that convinces us of its reality. The deeper the pain, the more we believe “it’s real”. It may look impossible while we’re in it, but it is worth a try to simply RELAX. The pain is a holding on to tensions, which can either gradually or instantly relax, by relaxing the bottom of your spine… breathing … relaxing … breathing …. relaxing a little deeper. In that relaxation, what used to be attachment to things is freed up to be experienced as simple wisdom of discernment.

9 Nov (o mi)
The shock point energy today is about the fulfilment of the heart and the difficulties in understanding one’s own heart. The heart simply knows, pre-logical and beyond logical. It simply understands and embraces all experiencing and phenomena equally. It does know only one state, which we could translate for the mind as YES. The German version of this word “Ja” is the exact vibrational sound of the frequency. The difficulty of understanding one’s heart lies in the fact that the heart can embrace and contain and understand the entire foolishness of mind, but not vice versa. The heart can fully wrap around all, containing a functioning mind within it; but the mind cannot control or understand the heart, because it is based and rooted in polar opposites. The heart roots in oneness. We all have a sense of the fulfilment of oneness. So we seek it. When this wish is given to openness in a relaxed state, we will attract that which brings us closer to oneness. When this wish is instrumentalised by the doings and activities of mind, we become manipulators and try to get it from the outside. We grow increasingly more lonely, while successfully persuading others into what we believe would fulfill our heart. Trust the not knowing of the heart – it knows best!

11 Nov (u em)
U-uuhhh, today the frequencies bring forth the unhappy part of Dad, who knows what’s best for you. The righteousness and exaggerated conceptual overtaking with clever commands, which this state produces, roots in deep fear and avoidance of conflict. We got hurt once and don’t want that to happen again, so we control ourselves and others by quarrelling, while claiming not to be available for an argument. Pretty annoying to be in that state, or to have it around. When you find yourself instructing others on what to do and how to be, that’s the signal for you to become receptive, to check your trust levels and join awareness in the moment. Breathing out and relaxing the spinal base may assist successfully. Or, if available have a friend stroke your back and if possible do some Tibetan Pulsing so you can relax, relax, relax. The fear of being hurt again can transform into love, the anguish of having to control will wither and give room to joy. Rather than controlling others or making them dependent on you, you can experience the grace of being loved and wanted out of freedom to be exactly who you are, exactly how everyone around you is.

14 Nov (j dc)
The wave coming in today is about dealing with obstacles. How do we respond when we feel that something is in our way and we can’t do anything about it?
And it may not only be a feeling; it can be very real in terms of the circumstance and happenings in our life. For example, an immigration officer not allowing you into the country for no apparent legal or comprehensible reason. When seemingly big things get in your way and you can’t do anything about them, that’s a good call to sit down, relax and consider that the apparent obstacle might be exactly the right message life is trying to give you. It is often the way we relate with the apparent obstacle that makes it into one. There is a suggestion in the I-Ging that, when we find ourselves on a way that is blocked, be still and let our energy rise to a higher level of awareness. It helps to realise that the obstacle only exists within the relative parameter of our personal perception. The obstacle may dissolve simply by truly seeing seeing what is.

18 Nov (j un, repeats 7 Nov)
22 Nov (u em, repeats 11 Nov)

May the BLESSING DAYS – approx 21 – 23 Nov – grace us all with the ease to trust that life does take you on its shoulders, when you let it!

The ‘organ’ related to this frequency is the base of the spine.

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