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Update 5 November 22

starting dec 2022 and further
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This category of my blog will give you an easy to understand guide to the MOOD OF THE MOMENT and ‘WHAT TO WATCH’, according to the Frequency Calendar of TIBETAN PULSING Link to TP

The Tibetan Pulsing Frequency Calendar and its accuracy fascinates me ever since I’ve got in touch with it in 1988. It illustrates what can also be called the ‘universal background frequencies’. It is about what happens to our nervous systems in resonant response to the electrical energy that transpires between the Sun and the Earth. These electrical frequencies basically form what we call life on the planet and influence how we perceive it.

Now that’s really interesting stuff! The original calendar can only be read and understood by people who have trained in this work, learned a lot of codes and meanings of symbols and have experienced the actual body-/energy work and internalised that understanding. That’s for good reason of really getting the transmission of this wonderful work!
The good news is, it is possible to share a bit of its wisdom in a way everyone can understand. :)

THE START DATE of the Blog was 22 December 2021, then it continues kind of fortnightly with a new theme in CYCLES of 14, 15 or 16 days.

This frequency calendar is something like a liquid sound system, affecting our nervous system and perception in individual ways.That’s why it cannot rigidly follow time.

THE CYCLES are the same each year – but the “WHAT TO WATCH” – the specific days – change . The specifically enhanced energies – we call them shock points – do not repeat in sequence or in the same rhythm in the following year. The way life occurs as an experience through our nervous system changes all the time. (see also below “cycle”)

Warning: LOSS OF PROBLEMS IS POSSIBLE through watching Life living YOU, rather than the other way around.

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is a period of approximately 14-16 days during which a specific cosmic energy is happening.
The period of the cycles are the same every year. The specific dates given in ‘WHAT TO WATCH’ will not repeat.

– FREQUENCIES or universal background frequencies are about what happens to our nervous systems in resonant response to the electrical energy that transpires between the Sun and the Earth.
– MOOD is how the human nervous system perceives and experiences the daily and nightly rhythm of frequencies as they occur in our perception as what we call “our life.”

an enhanced or amplified energy, lasting several hours and sometimes longer, during a particular day/night.

the time around the change of cycles, which is always capable of gracing us with a clearance or insight

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