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The page is developing since 21 Dec 2021. Sudeva and I are inviting clients and friends to send their review of their experience. In writing or by Video, keeping it short, honest, simple, Video 2 mins MAX
You can send us yours by Email or comment on a post here.

Die Seite gibt es seit 21. Dez 21. Sudeva und ich laden Freunde und Klienten ein, über ihre Erfahrungen mit unserer Arbeit zu berichten. Schriftlich oder als Video. Kurz, ehrlich, einfach. Videos MAX 2 mins.
Ihr könnt uns eure feedbacks per Email senden oder hier einfach als Kommentar rein schreiben.

From a long time friend and fellow traveler 
who accompanied Adima for nine years in  Public Satsang: “Adima can see and bring out the good in the faultiest person. She also unmasks in loving and humorous ways what is faulty in the most “holy” person. Somehow she makes a range of very different people very interested in their true nature. That happens with an astonishing ease – but leaves no escape.”   Sukhan 2014

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