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IMPORTANT NOTICE: I am NOT a Medical Professional. My advice is not meant to replace medication or advice of your doctors or therapists. What I publish in the category “Body Health Tips” is from my personal experience, based in the knowledge of Tibetan Healing and other holistic methods I trained in.

Update 21 Sep 22

German guy with very thorough research and apparently great results in treatments  https://andreaskalcker.com/en/. The website is in many languages

Sudeva and I tried STAR ANIS or FENNEL prepared in an Espresso machine – Yummy! It needs the 15 bar pressure ( a small Italian coffee maker doesn’t do the trick) You brew it like your espresso – filling the dispenser with it and run the machine – enjoy your power drink!

Great information and research in homeopathy I found with ALIZE TIMMERMANN from Hahnemann institute in Den Haag, Netherlands. They developed various remedies for treating both, covid or symptoms after vac http://www.hahnemanninstituut.nl

Remedies available in Australia from simillimum.co.nz For orders best CALL THEM


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