22 March – 5 April: Awareness in (Non-)Action

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“Sometimes true courage is to do nothing.” My Teacher of Tibetan Pulsing – Dheeraj J.R. Murley – surprised me with that statement years ago, adding “you know how to win a fight, and you’ve done well so far in protecting yourself, now you’ve gotta find out what it means to be still, aware but keeping still.”
This put me on a journey of discovering the difference between taking action with loud fanfares of “TaTa!!” and becoming available for life to take action through me with an inner whisper and an outer effect far more loving and meaningful than anything I had so successfully “activated” in my version of using courage for self-defence.

This cycle invites that. And not only that. This year this cycle is especially intense and potent in that it offers 7 special days with enhanced energy, you’ll find described below in the WHAT TO WATCH.

It’s all about awareness, about seeing it all! Awareness is what fuels the inner observer, the watcher. The watcher is part of the mind. It talks! It lets you know what it sees. Nothing wrong with that, that’s a very useful feature, unless the report from the watcher is filtered through judgement of good and bad. When that filter is activated – which it almost automatically is in most of our minds – difficulties will be in its wake.
Judgement, the devision into ‘good and bad’ is what makes us into potentially blind heroes fighting for the greater Good or into victims attracting perpetrators. Both positions in the psyche, when asked will astonishingly let you know that actually whatever they do or don’t is for your protection, for your heart, for peace and love to happen. And, it can! But, before I burn my tongue on “explaining how” which cannot easily be done in the first place, let’s have a look what keeps us from living peace and love in daily life with ourselves and others.

The frequency we’re exeriencing in this cycle does have a power to turn on our sense of limitless possibilities in being able to reach to the stars and even to take them down!
In a way, we can and we do that with rockets and in our dreams. We can see all that, watch all that, be aware of possibilities to expand consciousness into the universal realm.
It works creatively in expanding consciousness when we don’t try to be captain of the space ship of awareness. We need to step down from the pedestals, leave the cockpit and let life take over in its immaculate imperfection, while staying alert, paying attention to it all. Life has no ‘how’. It becomes its ‘how’ in the moment. Awareness observes that.
Now, that feels kind of scary, doesn’t it? Fully acknowledging that we don’t know the future, not even the next day or the next moment. Becoming a real discovery channel rather than trying to channel super powers in order to perform high energy action which gives us an illusion of staying on top of things. That eventually leads to war. And whether that is declared to be for the greater good or seen as the greatest evil, in the first place it’s not what we’ve ever wanted. How strange is that.

We do hold a power in the nervous system to rescue ourselves and others in turning on the necessary energy in our bodies to perform super human strength in situations of real danger. To empower that however is beyond our control. It is taken care of by the autonomous nervous system. Trying to sneak into such reserves by usage of substances or creation of danger situations in order to ride on the kick, will only do one thing: betray our potential of connection with universal consciousness and it will deprive our heart from experiencing love. True love is only possible all inclusive, not by choice of our preferences of good and bad or staging our super powers in combat for being the better person – or people, or race.

We need to retreat from polarised view and come back to innocence again and again, fuelling the observer with pure awareness rather than filtered. Becoming still … taking up the courage to do nothing while being awake, aware, available. Then you will discover that behind the watcher, who talks a true silent witnessing happens. This witnessing has always been there. It doesn’t come and go. It’s untouched and unharmed, it’s directly connected to what you may call higher Self or universal consciousness. It represents your true self, your divinity. It’s your true ally in coming home to peace and love by connecting your Buddha nature with the rest of All. Witnessing doesn’t talk, which is why we can easily overlook it, miss it. Only in being still, in silence it reveals. It holds the space for us to discover the ‘strange inner worlds’, the courage to seek out the new man and woman and to boldly go where no one has gone before!
(if that sounds familiar, it is the line from STAR TRECK, which also represents this frequency)


This Cycle is pretty full on! It may seem difficult to identify the described moods exactly on the given days. Don’t worry. The whole thing is something like a liquid sound system. You listen inside and out and perceive each mood in your individual way.

22 March
The first day of the cycle start with a “TATA!” in that it has 2 of those enhanced energies called Shock Points, both mostly affecting the mentality, our way of thinking.
1. This energy is around holding on to illusions we’ve once created by dreaming ourselves far far away from who and how we really are. This happens when our inner sense of how we could be, but aren’t, forms an illusive life style rather than taking the steps to meet with ourselves as we are. As a means to avoid actually feeling what the abandoned or ignored parts inside feel like, we create some dream story and/or environment. It may work for a while, we indulge in the illusion and reject our own subconscious. Sooner or later, a wake-up call will happen, either by noticing that we’ve lost our capacity to feel love and connection or by some so called outer force destroying the illusive dream. One way or another life is graceful and offers another chance of finding what you set out for: your origin.
2. The energy of 11 March from the former Cycle repeats here again. In case you need another chance in the letting go of righteousness ….

23 March
Here we can detect the heroes of our inner and outer rescue projects. That goes for rescuing oneself or others. We’re instrumentalising anything that comes our way to be THE SOLUTION! as long as we can project onto it that this one tool alone will solve all my problems. This one guru, this one method, this one new entertainment set for the living room, this one time more of exploiting the body in an activity which actually hurts … Such attitudes arise when we haven’t found our path yet and are trying to numb the messenger rather than listen to the message. This can be done with pills, with drugs, with over-activity and even with meditation. It depends on our ability to be open. The moment you put both feet on the same track, in the direction of a true discovery of who you are, and open up to the scary and humbling but liberating surprises that involves, you will find that life is rather an entertainment, some call it a mystery, but certainly not a problem to be solved.

25 March
In case you’ve gotten yourself into a mess and you see it, that’s a great position to be in. Now you can take responsibility and sort out what is really true, what you actually wanted and take responsibility for the mistakes you’ve made. If that looks too big a task, here’s the way to meet it: you stop, you relax, you start by not doing anything.
You relax with awareness and listen within. Ready to receive an objective view from the universe or simply that honest little voice inside yourself. Maybe you’ve gone too far in certain ways by poking your nose into stuff that was none of your business and thus made yourself into a voyeur of other people’s space? Now is the time to risk being vulnerable rather than peeping over the fence for nothing better than a boo-boo price of secret watching. By relaxing deeper into contemplation your inner centres of mind, heart and being will align and enable you to learn the difference between wanting and needs and also to fulfil both in ways which doesn’t create a mess for yourself and others.

28 March
The final liberation of THE KNOWER can happen today. Including knowing that you know nothing, in case you’re spiritual.
What is that actually, “I know”. It’s a conglomeration of PAST. Whether it is factual, actual or fabricated knowledge, it is always past. Even the story of “I me mine” is something from the past. “I” operates innocently as a psychosomatic mechanism within the story of life, as long as it applies to practicalities. But when it adds judgment, personal evaluation or morals, a rusty sticky glue of ‘untrue’ begins to paralyse one’s spine and joints. We feel stuck with what we know, and at the same time we cherish it as the priceless super power that has definitely proved to have gotten us this far. Well, Yes. During a relative development of how we are, set into an unwelcoming environment full of false and untrue expectations of how we should be, we needed certain information, certain knowledge to get along. But once you’ve gotten a tongue tip taste of your true free being, of your real self, it’s time to sacrifice not only a part but your whole story! The good and the bad and the ugly and the glorious. Sitting on any kind of knowledge makes it impossible to love and enjoy ourselves and each other. Watch it in simple situations with a bunch of friends or family around the coffee table. Take the lower seat, no matter how much you know that you actually know better than them and simply enjoy them as they are. Isn’t that great liberation already? Now just imagine you can apply that to your whole life, throughout time and space – and finally go where no one has been before and discover your unique version of (your)self. That will open access to truth and create space to be. Your spine and your joints will be grateful, too.

2 April
Read Number 1 again from 22 March

3 April
Read 23 March

5 April (will repeat again in the next cycle on 18 April)
Are you ready to give up having the last word? Today is your day! And what does that take, actually? A bit of pride and righteousness – who needs that in the first place?!
Well, sounds funny doesn’t it, yet when taking a closer look, isn’t it something that we all do? Arguing about trivia just in order to win the argument, even if we lose a friend to it.
Politics and religions are build on that kind of righteousness:”I am right and that makes you wrong. There’s only one God and that one belongs to me. If you don’t see that we go back to the first statement.”
Admittedly I’m using plain simple examples. They have the advantage to be clear. No wiggling out. We do this. We can drop it. Stop it by becoming aware when its there, acknowledging that the pattern is running, then relax and nourish yourself with that energy flow that would otherwise be lost in fighting with arguments. It creates space for love in you. Let someone else “win” – that is short lived illusion in the first place.
This is the context to pass on what I’ve heard so many times “only loosers can win this game!” (Osho). (this shock point constellation happens again on 18 April)

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