22 Dec – 5 Jan: Imagine … living Life in Peace

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“Imagine” … John Lennon singing …
Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky … … …
… … … You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

Thank you John for gracing us with an everlasting soundtrack to the heart’s dream. Being simply natural loving beings of light in a free world. In our imagination it’s real, it’s possible.
The power of imagination is that it connects the dream with a cellular experience in our system. We feel what we imagine, we become it. Great exciting things are opening up and looking very possible, too.
Imagination is an inbuilt power with great self-hypnotic effects, which can lead to spiritual insight, it can contribute to heighten awareness, it can assist self-healing OR… it can lead to megalomaniac derailments. The latter happens when the mind and its vested interests are in control. Love and healing have a big chance with the heart in control.

The downside of this wonderful power of imagination is getting lost in a dream that hovers in a mind cloud, out of touch with body and environment. It actually happens much more often than we might think. It is imagination that makes our thoughts look true. A thought itself is neither very exciting nor very powerful as such. It becomes interesting for us only in the way it makes us feel. The feeling kicks in because some part of the electrical signals, which make the brain perform “imagination”, enliven the thought with an individually tailored second skin that fits us so well that we take it for granted and for real.

The frequency of this cycle is also called the “guiding star”. It is the light that attracts us to follow from one incarnation into the next, to follow an exciting promise of reaching further than the furthest star, seeking our origin in the multiverse, in all the possibilities of being. How exciting. Our enthusiasm for life and all living beings accompanies us as we follow the initial light that guides us into an individual and, after a while, apparently ‘separate’ form. Nothing wrong with that! The source, colour and feel of that light stays within us. It warms the heart with promising and exciting dreams of everlastingness, until by grace that mould cracks and helps us see what’s real. Enthusiasm, excitement, change versus disillusionment are the poles between which we have to, and will, settle into a natural silent still-point in the middle of all time and space. Enjoy the experience.


26 Dec (mn un)
When we’re very excited about something and clearly feel it should be ours, we often don’t know how to ask for it or avoid asking because of some kind of fear of not getting it. The more we want it, the more we’re willing to just sneak up on it and even steal it, because deep down it feels anyway so legitimately “ours.” The pattern can run with material, emotional or spiritual objects, with anything. The ambivalence of feeling like the natural possessor of something wile not having it, can make us leave traces as we attempt to sneak or steal. The subconscious documents our rightful possession for the price of being seen or caught in a system that thinks otherwise. Telling half truths about our feelings can be as much part of it as forgetting to tuck in the shirt that we just ‘forgot’ to take off in the store’s changing room, which makes it show under our jacket, with a price tag on. What finds expression here is usually lesser harmful and can be entertaining, yet deeper down it leaves you in a painful pit believing that you can never ask straight for what you really want and deserve. Freeing up this energy by sobering to a straightforward asking instead of playing tricks is the invitation.

28 Dec (mn dc / r mi)
Part 1: Today the theme of the shock point is sabotage. It can be self sabotage with small things, like searching for your car keys while under time pressure to be at an important meeting and having the keys actually in your pocket. The sabotage can also be expressed by the people in your personal field or work place. Whether you are the active or the receptive partner in this, check inside on how many problems can you actually deal with at once?! – only one. Take a breath, sharpen the focus lens and go step by step. Sabotage is a strategy using a force of outgoing energy in order to “declare” the necessity of change. Whether the approach is just, truthful or delusional is another question. We sabotage – ourselves or others – when we don’t express ourselves according to our authentic face and our real needs. By switching on the light of awareness and then looking backwards along the timeline of the sabotage to its origin, you will find the keys you are really looking for.

Part 2: This second shock point hits never feeling satisfied, especially with our relationships. We’re always finding a complaint (about the other) and look for perfection in others to fill the holes in ourselves. We feel fragmented, not aligned in our own centres of mind, heart and hara. We resist vulnerability and real nearness while complaining about not having enough of it in our life. We seek for others to take care of our needy parts, while we resist caring for those parts ourselves. The fulfillment we expect here cannot be provided from the outside, simply because it does not exist in the way mind pictures it. The way out of the dilemma is to relax and give up the defences, give up better knowing.

This involves finally getting ready to receive life and relations. To stay open to meeting a partner rather than chasing them or trying to actively find them. While resting in yourself, staying in your centre and taking care of yourself, there’s a much better chance of connecting with others in a truthful way. It opens a space for truthful expression of yourself, including the imperfect parts. This makes you so attractive that suddenly all the ‘right people’ begin to satellite around you. Put yourself in harmony first and life will fall in harmony with you.

29 Dec (x em)
Today offers a real transmission and deeper understanding of love, of feeling and emotions. An invitation to widen our capacity. It may come as a proposal by someone close to you, asking you to open up, it may be simply a signal from your inner tour guide, a readiness and a sense of the strength to walk your talk while keeping an open heart. We all have the capacity to do that.
The fuel for it is a balance between activity and relaxation. Ultimately it needs meditation in action, which is awareness, paying attention to what is in the moment. That brings you deeper and deeper into your roots and cleans the passageways for creative impulses to take form. Living with roots and wings is invited here by the ability to stay single focused, the quality of determination and the openness to being absolutely surprised by life, changing course, answering a new call any moment. Staying cool in the middle of the excitement called living. I’ve heard the spiritual master Osho say: “Above all, don’t wobble.”

4-6 Jan
are the Blessing Days. Wisdom of discernment in transcending imagination. Using it as an inspirational tool and knowing what’s what when it comes to bringing it down to decisions and action.

The organ resonating with the cycle is the Spleen

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