21 Jan – 4 Feb – Pi Pa Pu

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During these 15 days the universal frequencies especially support us with the power of alignment and in building a strength of immunity on all levels of body, heart and mind.
Alignment and attunement will be achieved through the feminine qualities of intuition and inner knowing. It is a receptive understanding, not even a push or an initiative, that is needed to help things and people in working out and working together as teams.

From such an attunement with the world and the divine powers we are able to activate an immunity against all sorts of “infection”, whether in body, emotions and mind. I need to make my point here: this is NOT a magical formula against the Covid virus, but a legitimate and necessary shift from fear to clear consciousness.

A protective and well functioning immunity against infection comes through purification. That’s not only our green smoothies and vegan diet or whatever other health exercise we give to these bodies, it is also a willingness to abstain from poisonous thoughts and negative emotion. Pah! there we go! Sounds easy, but isn’t always. With this, we need each other’s help. For example by honestly sharing and communicating what’s going on in this moment.

The good news is: you can shift into this experiment anytime, anywhere. See how much more energy, strength and ability to cope with difficulties you’ve got when focusing to the moment, rather than indulging in the drama of the pre-programmed inner movie. The difference is tremendous.

On the physical plane in your body, there’s already a deeper knowing of how all this works. This comes from your large intestine. It simply knows how alignment works. It has the sense of rhythm that is needed for peristalsis. Listen into the belly area and relax. By aligning within yourself, the strength of immunity rises and produces an ability for clear decision making, honest communication and overcoming psychological fears.

Now, all that sounds a lot like what we all need in these times. Let’s align! In a fresh approach of NOW, dropping old stories about one another, having the guts to truly share the truth before, during and after words. Our hearts know how.

Here’s the “WHAT TO WATCH”

22 Jan
Phew – oopsa, Ya, as “usual” in order to achieve clearance we need to look into a few strong old habits or behaviourisms, which do not exactly support alignment, connectedness or immunity. On this day, the focus of the shock point energy is on justifying anger or even violence because we ferociously know better (than anyone else), while accusing others. In this case/constellation, it’s mainly projected by the feminine side of our consciousness towards the masculine (in ourselves and in others). The same shock point – amplified energy for transformation – repeats on 2nd Feb – there’s your 2nd chance!

24 Jan
On this day is our chance to become aware of how we distort a real love connection into an illusion of nearness and synchronicity, which we can control. Out of fear of exposure to the ever changing rhythm of life, we create contracts with our loved ones and enemies of the ones who don’t see how great WE are as a couple. Whenever you find yourself arguing or negotiating your heart affairs, take a breath, have a look what is really needed. Realise that sharing the same opinion means nothing when we miss sharing the essential vastness of one self and one another.

27 Jan
Today it is all about our capacity. Will I be able to …? when there is fear of failure, fear of making any mistake, self-doubt and energy collapse will spiral our energy down until we feel out of step with everything and separate from all. The shift comes through meditation in action. That means being aware and available rather than following pre-fabricated plans or lists we wrote in order to stay in control.

30 Jan
One of these days when it might simply all go right, you sing your song of life and the whole world dances along with it. Pi-pa-pu-wanna-be-me-and-you-as-happy-as-now – – Wow! But, what if … no-one listens to your great plans or everything steps out of sync with you, even your email program ? Well, then – it’s time to re-align within, finding the place of refuge inside, where you and existence resound as one, resourcing over a cup of tea or just being still for a little while… as you fall into harmony with yourself, the world falls into place again.

2 Feb
Same as 22 Jan

4 Feb
This last day of this cycle bridges us into the new themes of the next cycle. One of them being our insatiable urge to excite ourselves with material inventions: charming, expensive or otherwise interesting objects. While really, truly what we’d want, what we look for is the innocence that makes us see the world through the eyes of a child and gives us the courage to be nobody, playing along like the sun, the moon and the stars …

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