7 – 21 Sep The Grace of Balance

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Welcome dear friend. Feel embraced, embraced by this moment, by the air around you and the sounds and feelings within. Relax, maybe with a cup of tea at arm’s reach and devote the next small moment to being here. Just that. Not even reading … breathing … becoming still in the midst of all your ToDos and Wannabes, just for this little time … nothing to do.
While breathing gently, begin to be aware of your arms. Move them just a little bit as if swimming in a soft gel, kind of in slow motion … expanding awareness into the small movement, into being and feeling here. If that feels good you’ve just given your entire being a taste of dancing with the divine. You may wonder “what, dancing? I’ve been sitting in my chair”. Well, yes, that’s part of the dance of life when every cell is celebrating your existence.

We usually think of “our lives” as something that we manage or even need to plan and have some kind of control over. The divinity of life that we ARE wants us to discover its immaculate choreography, naturally flowing with the whole within all there is. In order to get in touch with that, awareness of the instrument of our arms can be of immense support.
We use our arms to express love and we also use them to destroy. Within this vast range of possible action we try to find a balance, make the right decisions, figure out the best goals to work towards and slowly lose orientation and inner balance in an overload of activity every day.
With our arms we reach out to what is not here yet. Our arms are always between us and what is not here yet. That goes for wanted and unwanted objects. That is for embracing and for defending oneself or even for attacking, which is just another version of being afraid of what is coming towards me.

Tensions in our arms indicate a fear of, or simply too much of a concern with, future and things that aren’t here. And that’s our cue! The balance we seek is not in some imaginary goal outside this moment. It is exactly in this moment. It can be found inside when our awareness turns fully to what’s here. Only in this state of awareness in the now our action can express our loving; our love becomes compassion without that being a conceptual effort. Once we retreat from orienting ourselves in future control of our life, the grace that makes every small gesture meaningful pours through us and blesses our arms.
Just looking at it physically, you can see that the arms are an extension of our hearts. We express our love with them. In order for the heart to express in our actions, we need to provide an atmosphere within ourselves that invites that. That atmosphere is generally called femininity. It thrives when we switch from active to receptive, when we listen into the sound of life and allow the body-mind to pick up the tune of the moment and dance with it. Grace can not be trained or learned. It occurs when we are available to the flow in the moment. We all have a sense within that knows that.

Ultimately the feminine has not really fully developed in this world, but it is on its way! For a long time, women have been imitating men and proved that they can do it, too (whatever “it” represents). Sure. But that’s not achieving an unfolding into the true feminine. Admittedly I am not able to give a definition. That is not in its nature. I can describe a state or feelings which seem to indicate it like quiet, alert, feeling, slowing down and yet absolutely available for action in any moment as needed.
Only by fully embracing the male and female polarities within ourselves and expressing both equally, free of judgement, can we enter the dance of life that will overcome suffering. Osho once told me (in the explanation about my name) “… When you are no more separate there will be no death…”. It is through our actions, through our arms that we demonstrate and manifest separation. It is also through our arms that we embrace physically, mentally and emotionally, literally “all there is.” Let’s celebrate in that universal divine embrace. Big hugs going around the world.

WHAT TO WATCH in this cycle

7 Sep (j mi, i mi)
we’re starting off on the first day of the cycle with two ‘shock points’. That is double chance for transformation. The enhanced energy in a certain resonance field of conscious perception can always be used for revelation leading to liberation, even if we don’t like it at first. It’s absolutely worthwhile! So let’s have a look. Many of us have developed enough awareness to see our programmed conditioning inside, relate that to our actions and understand concepts of higher spiritual consciousness. In my experience many people are in touch with it all and … still not happy, not content, or kind of bored. Know that one? Had enough of satsanghas and other clever instructions? But …. but … still not easy flowing in bliss with whatever is and not liking that either? Tja … what now.
Actually it’s simple. There’s some stuff hung up in the mind. It is just the mind, no real problem. The mind and its orientation in time, which is ONLY possible to either past (boring old stuff that went wrong) or future (hopeful unknown stuff that never comes). Being here in what is, is not possible for the mind. It can not comprehend ‘presence’. Well, YOU CAN! You can be here, in fact you are. Fully. When you see it all and are aware of the situation, simply invite that part inside that sits up on a high platform, overlooking everything, invite that part to go on an extended holiday. Begin to acknowledge your qualities. In the name of ‘watchfulness’ obstacles can be created when we keep looking out for something still to come, or expecting too much from ourselves. A chronicle “never enough” take the joy out of everything we are aware of. Wanting what is not is the main cause of all suffering. You can prefer ‘more’, but you need to live fully with what’s available. Without judging that as ‘not enough’ it will be no problem. It is what it is. You are who and how you are.

Part 2 (repeating the frequency from the last cycle, 27 Aug)
Discovering oneself in truth requires both: determination as an individual on the path and the ability to relate in equality. Almost all of us lose the natural sense of equality we had during childhood through being forced in puberty to identify as either male or female and needing to establish one or other as our new role. An utterly important and unavoidable process in order to establish our place in the world. When we’re not able to be an equal, we also cannot determine a sense of unification. We become isolated all-knowers, seeking and gaining self important positions. We may have profound knowledge and insight as lonesome sole performers of our isolated self to a crowd of listeners, who are preferably on a down slope in consciousness from us, so that we can pseudo shine. Now, such listeners choose to be beggars, looking up to self imposed leaders. This perfect pairing keeps the world running in tracks of misery and keeps us in harness, in a play of either throwing crumbs off tables or collecting them from the floor. For happy relating and truly sharing our potential, we need to re-establish the innocent deeper knowing of childhood, when equality with others wasn’t a question or a barrier. By understanding and owning the inner female and male, by balancing the forces within, we will create an opening in our third eye. We will create a field of conscious exchange of life energy with one another, independent of what role we play in the game or on the stage of life. 
Before we haven’t done our homework, attempts at apparent equality will be only “same-making”, fragile because polarised instead of naturally strong. Getting there takes guts. Truly overcoming the separating force, which was created by becoming “a woman” or “a man”, means giving up the control panel and opening the barriers that manage and protect our ego defence. The very good news is: it can be done while you relax in practising Tibetan Pulsing. There are other ways as well. This is the one I’ve come across and highly recommend.

13 Sep (f dc)
Today’s enhanced energy is about integrity. That is someone to whom the truth means more than anything else. In some cases, so much so that they are principally willing to use a bit of force in order to bring truth forward. Integrity expresses with honesty, truthfulness and accuracy in action. As a concept or attitude it drives the inner energy in this cycle. You may find that with a sense of laughter about the irony of life, this big task flows more easily. Activating integrity within helps to dissolve conflict, among others or within yourself. A good way to activate that is sitting quietly, spine straight up, feet on the ground. Tuning into your arms. Rest your hands quietly for a while. Allow the “nothing to do” atmosphere to pull awareness to whatever tension might still be there and allow that to relax as much as possible. When you feel a tingling or buzzing inside your arms that indicates that the cells are happily listening and absorbing light of the moment energy while you give the system the opportunity to do exactly that. That light of the moment brings forth the truth of this moment.

15 Sep (f un)
Blessings and showers of grace waiting for you today. The shock point energy is sourced in unconditional love. That’s a quality of (divine) motherhood and also of the real Queen who truly cares for her people. That quality is alive, maybe dormant, but alive in all of us. Today it can be activated and experienced. Love at the source wants nothing else than to nourish life as it is. Nourish you exactly as you are. There is a secret to happiness, a secret to fulfilment, but it is not even a mystery in the sense of being invisible. It is so simple and so close to you, it is so inbuilt in all of us that we normally easily overlook it. The magic mystery is in loving life in every form without separation, which means without judgment. That enhances seeing the glory of flowering of every form in its graceful unique beauty. It starts with you. It ends in All-Oneness. In this we overcome the idea of death as the last separation. Let’s begin by embracing all, embracing each other in our so-being.
And once again I can’t repress the truth and so point out how much this wonderful work of Tibetan Pulsing supports ALL OF THE ABOVE.

16 Sep (q em)
Overcoming that which separates, that which makes us unhappy, asks one small price: Giving up our illusions. Today is a good day to flood light on total illusions. Those are the ones where we don’t want to hear anyone’s voice or advice, even though a little deeper down we feel that somehow our perspective might be a bit too self indulgent, a bit too fabricated. But hey! it is what you can prove to yourself from past history and what you have seen others manifest. If they can, you can, right? …. Well … it is the BIG DREAM of love and happiness made on your terms. Sometimes, some of our terms coincide with God’s, but not all our terms all of the time. You may want to check where you’re looking. Outside or in? On the outside you may have made it. The perfect family, job and material wealth or the perfect drop out, single, success weaver, spiritual insider and group leader … whichever version of your dream it might be, when it is high maintenance to uphold it, when you’re afraid to lose all sorts of aspects or still try and hope to gain … you’d better take an extra deep breath …. and another one … and a third one …. Pffffffffft. Let the air out of the ballon with the dream pictures painted on and face the truth of what it really really feels like. In any case it is much closer to the heart. And in that also to the truth. Embrace yourself. Give yourself a good big hug. You’ve done it all and now it’s time to indulge in free flow … spreading your wings.

18 Sep same as part 1 on 7 Sep

The organ related to the cycle is the arms.

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