21 Jan – 4 Feb: The Power of Alignment

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During the next 15 days the universal frequencies support us in our power of alignment or in what we need to discover about it. It is based in learning to listen to the sounds of the inner orchestra of our body, the sounds of our organs. In doing so we develop what is called “self-healing”. This is an ability to sense and feel the harmony of what is really needed in the moment in order to maintain conscious participation in the whole, as a part of it and as wholeness itself. Alignment with one’s life energy strengthens immunity on all levels of body, heart and mind. It is achieved through the feminine qualities of intuition and inner knowing. It is a receptive understanding, rather than a doing, a push or an initiative. On the inside it enables us to listen to the needs in the moment. On the outside it supports projects and brings people together to work as teams. It is the art and the performance of an orchestra and its conductor.

You become both: the conductor and the orchestra by developing both qualitities, receptive listening-feeling and taking action with determination and clarity. It produces an experience of being right, exactly where you are in this world, in this moment, independent of the quality of present circumstances. Tuning in with the world and the divine powers is easier than you may imagine.
By conscious listening and loving awareness an attunement with natural harmony happens. This activates an immunity against all sorts of “infection”; in body, emotion or mind. This is NOT a magical formula against illness or viruses, but a legitimate and necessary shift from the fear that is using strategies to manage your life into clear consciousness, receiving the tune of the universal song and thus living your dance in step with yourself and everyone else.

A protective and well functioning immunity against infection comes through purification. That’s not only green smoothies or whatever other healthy support we give these bodies, it is also a willingness to abstain from poisonous thoughts and negative emotion. Pah! there you go! It sounds so easy to understand, but isn’t always – as we all know. With this especially, we need each other’s help. For example, by honestly sharing with one another what’s going on in this moment. By a willingness to let down our defences with our friends. Taking the risk of telling the truth about what is here, while maintaining a relaxed restraint inside. Openness without judgment.
The good news is: you can shift into this experiment anytime, anywhere. See how much more energy, strength and ability to cope with difficulties you’ve got when focusing on the moment, rather than indulging in the drama of the pre-programmed inner movie. The difference is tremendous.

On the physical plane in your body, there’s a deeper knowing of how all this works. It is inbuilt. It sources from your large intestine. It simply knows how alignment works. The colon is a conductor for many other organs. It has the sense of rhythm that is needed for peristalsis. Listen into the belly and relax. By aligning within yourself, the strength of immunity rises and produces an ability for clear decision making, honest communication and overcoming psychological fears. There’s a kind of heart beat coming from Mother Earth. It pulses. It creates a rhythm and sound within nature and all living creatures that your cells are already aligned with. By paying attention to it, you fall into place where you belong and feel happy.

Now, all that sounds a lot like what we all need in these times. Let’s align! In a fresh approach of NOW, dropping old stories about one another, having the guts to really share the truth before, during and after words. Our hearts know how. Tibetan Pulsing is the technique, which ignites the possibility for all the above to become a conscious experience.

Here’s the “WHAT TO WATCH” in this cycle

21 Jan (s mi, overlap shock point from last cycle, like on 8 Jan)
This one is about sadness. As with all or most human experiences, there’s a natural way coming from the heart. The state we explore here is a conditioned feeling, that comes from the mind program: “Sorry for being here, excuse me that I’m born and for being fallible”, a kind of attitude that in the first place arises out of what you once heard about yourself, which left you feeling bad about yourself. When we internalise judgement of others, it causes self doubt. The signal inside is always one of contraction. It’s based on making us lose contact with our natural being. It can be dealt with by bringing loving awareness to this moment. Start by feeling the feet on the earth. Simple attention to what is now can reveal that whatever was once wrong, or missing, or not achieved, is actually not active in your life anymore. The fact that you’re here the way you are, IS the proof that you’re meant to be the way you are and that you’re great and beautiful.

22 Jan (p dc – will repeat on 4 Feb)
Today it is about capacity. Will I be able to …? When there’s doubt or fear of failure, fear of making any mistake, an energy collapse will follow and spiral our energy down until we feel out of step with everything and separate from all. This kind of fear has to do with survival. It dilutes and dissolves with purification, especially of thought and feeling. This shift can be invited through meditation in action. That means being aware while you do your stuff, staying available rather than becoming a robotic little peg in the wheel, following pre-fabricated plans or todo-lists in order to stay in control. Sure you can make your plans. Then find out what God thinks about them. A bit of humour and non-seriousness is highly recommended.

25 Jan (p un)
One of these days when it might simply all go right, you sing your song of life and the whole world dances along with it. Yes you are a great performer and know how to align people as a boss or as a team player: “Pi-pa-pu-wanna-be-me-and-you-as-happy-as-now – – Wow! But, what if … no-one listens to your great plans or everything steps out of sync with you, even your email program ? Well, then – it’s time to re-align within, finding the place of refuge inside, where you and existence resound as one, resourcing over a cup of tea or just being still for a little while… as you fall into harmony with yourself, the world falls into place. The secret is not to try and do it. It does not need your initiative. Alignment happens when you are available. The universal orchestra nudges you in the right moment, in the most sensitive spot, and invites you to rise again and perform your best song with ease. Try it! Relax when it all isn’t happening and see what happens when you let it be.

28 Jan (a em)
Today’s shock point energy can be challenging if you have issues with anger. In order to achieve clearance, we need to look into old habits or behaviourisms, which do not exactly support alignment with ourselves or with others. On this day, the focus of the shock point energy is on justifying anger and the expression of it, because … we ferociously know better (than anyone else). At the same time we keep accusing others of being responsible for whatever goes wrong or not according to our liking. In this constellation, it’s mainly projected by the feminine side of our consciousness towards and against the masculine. It happens in our nervous system, independent of gender. It is not biological, it is a psychological pattern of human nature. In taking a closer look you will find that there’s nothing like “justified anger, which I have a right to express”. The job is to feel it. To source down to the roots of it and embrace all there is with loving eyes, welcoming the parts involved in yourself. That’ll crack open the isolation, which has separated you from others by insisting on your righteousness. Suddenly the heat of angry expression transforms into a warm and gentle flow of strength, loving awareness and centredness.

1 Feb (t mi)
On this day is our chance to become aware of how we lose the sense of our real needs and make love into a bargain. We do not intend to – but still, it happens. The driving force behind it is fear of losing what feels so wonderful now. Out of fear of exposure to the natural flow of living and loving we create contracts with our loved ones and become enemies with those who don’t see how great WE are as a couple. Whenever you find yourself arguing or negotiating your heart affairs, that’s the STOP sign. Take a breath, have a look at what is really here – in you. Realise that sharing the same opinion means nothing when we miss sharing the essential vastness of one self and one another.

4 Feb (p dc – repeats 22 Jan, see above)

The organ that resonates with the cycle is the colon.

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