22 Sep – 6 Oct Healing Through Love

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Picture collage by Adima, the guy on the right is the founder of Tibetan Pulsing, Shantam Dheeraj. He very much represents the frequency described in this article.

Healing through Love is what’s needed. It is what works. Naturally there is a “how to” question rising. This cycle supports us to discover our Inner Healer within our individual “how to” heal, how to let go, how to apply the obviously necessary change to ourselves and the world. The “how to” can be method, when following the principles of the incarnation in a context where cause and effect apply. The “How-to” also comes as non-method method, surpassing the borders of cause and effect and operating from the source of divine, pure chaos to create. The real thing derives from the unknown. That is what makes it work.
It isn’t easy to put the ways of love and its healing power into words as it doesn’t follow conceptual thinking or the terms of logic. That is also why in Tibetan Pulsing we’re pulsing, not talking. And yet – as close as allowed to go in or out, as good as it gets, here’s an attempt at putting into words. Let’s see where it will lead. Starting with a poem from Osho from the 1970s, from a collection of private letters to friends; the booklet is called “A Cup of Tea”.

I am one with all things
in beauty,
in ugliness,
for whatsoever is
there I am.
Not only in virtue
but in sin too I am a partner,
and not only heaven
but hell too is mine.
Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu
it is easy to be their heir,
but Genghis, Taimur and Hitler?
They are also within me!
No, not half – I am the whole of mankind!
Whatsoever is man’s is mine –
flowers and thorns.
darkness as well as light,
and if nectar is mine, whose is poison?
Nectar and poison – both are mine.
Whoever experiences this
I call religious,
for only the anguish of such experience
can revolutionize life on earth.


About thirty-nine years ago I found the above poem, or literally it found me. While reading I fell instantly into what is called a “satori state”, a Japanese Buddhist term for comprehension, understanding. The kind of understanding that surfaces as an inner knowing rather than an intellectual knowledge. The perception, which is encompassing and relaxing but hard to explain. Often coming along with what’s called the small inner voice.
There is a deep fundamental understanding reflecting in all of us about what’s expressed in the above poem. It directs us to look at the opposite poles of heaven and hell, of embracing why and how creation is sibling with destruction, of the principles called Shiva and Brahma in Hinduism, God and Devil in Christianity.

While we tend to prefer one over the other, it is simple truth that our completion, our necessary healing can and will only happen when we consciously embrace and become all of mankind’s possible ways of being. That’s not the same as “acting them out.” It’s more like owning it all from within. The complexity of the stretch between a buddha and a villain, between the divine as hell and the divinity called heaven, keeps us on our toes and curious enough to pull us deeper into the rabbit hole. The discovery asks us to engage with equal amounts of pleasure as it will be pain, while freeing the nervous system from its beliefs in separation. We will need to go through the “anguish of such experience” as Osho calls it in the poem in order to become the peace that resides absolutely still in the middle. Mind tends to be wanting to jump to the middle when it hears that, but o no, we need to grow through experiencing step by step.
It’s always about balancing between poles, consciously. During the next fifteen days the energetic background frequencies occurring between the Sun and the Earth support us directly to find our inner healer, the method through which we transform. Without transforming ourselves first, nothing else is really possible. Clever concepts can be passed on intellectually – including this blog – what makes it work is the radical inner commitment to destroy the false and give space in time and form for the truth to create itself in you as you.

the extra gift wake up calls

22 Sep (g un) will repeat on 5 Oct
On day one of the cycle we’re invited straight to the point of no return. When we see that change is needed, and how much it is needed right now, there’s no way back really. We may have to meet the lure of sluggish privileges of the ego trying to persuade us to rather keep up with the good old ways and the known. At the same time, the force that is striving for the light to fill us up with the unknown and make a better world keeps on widening our vision, sensitising our feelings and guide you to find how YOU can and will transform.
The more and the deeper you transform, the greater the empowerment to share life, love, light and healing. It’s all an inter-related package, which begins to vibrate at the first real touch of love between you and this moment. As so profoundly ignited and assisted with Tibetan Pulsing.
I’ve been walking this path of first transforming oneself and can not find an end to its unfolding. Within the realm of cause and effect within our body-mind nervous system, layer by layer will peel and expose the invisible into the visible, making understanding audible from within.
When looking at it spiritually, it sounds also true that “true healing is beyond method and conceptual undertakings” – and guess what, that’s true, too. It is simply that it is our job to be both: the spiritual divinity, the buddha nature AND the programmed limited human animal, sharing through its form, passing on love and healing by submitting our own issues to be balanced in the fire of consciousness that pulses in the Now. The method is to begin with ourselves.

25 Sep (g dc) will repeat on 6 Oct
The deeper we dauntlessly dare to travel down the rabbit hole with open eyes, the greater the chance we become kind of alienated outsiders in the society and for the common mind around us, which we are also part of as social beings. That can become a painful experience, which leads to sacrificing the invisible, ethical principles within in order to pretend to be part of something you’ve actually turned your back towards a while ago through clearly seeing it is false.
Torn between the natural craving to belong to the herd, whether or not it is like-minded, and the natural revelation of the beauty of one’s aloneness and uniqueness there’s only one way out of the dilemma. That is to tear down the defences and present yourself entirely vulnerable. O.K. o.k. YES! WITH intelligent boundaries in place, when needed. This is not an invitation for the inner martyr or masochist to volunteer for being abused. It’s an invitation to align your physicality with your psychological programming and your philosophy. In short: Walk your Talk, be true to yourself. Stop hiding the meditator from your sports buddies and likewise stop pretending to be super holy in the pleasurable company of admirers called your clients, whom you teach meditation, love and healing.

29 Sep (k mi)
Today we have a chance to meet and transform that part inside, which makes us smaller than we are and continues to be a little peg on the big wheel; trying to protect oneself from assaults and growing more and more frustrated about the meaning of one’s existence. Our need for being part of society has invented various ways to protect our public life. That’s things like qualifications, certificates, degrees and position. Nothing wrong with any of that as long as it stays in its box, being a tool to reflect to you what you’re at and what is still to be learned. However usually, everyone agrees that we have to have such qualification documents, while these things are used to establish superiority/ inferiority power games. When the mind relies on what is stated in the certificate from 25 years ago, and believes that that’s meaningful, you have moved the furthest away from actually being able to meet and heal yourself or others. Demonstrating that you work the hardest won’t really protect you or give you the gratification of getting your money’s worth. Quite the opposite. What it needs is turning your attention (back) to the real values, those which set you up to look for truth and love. Take a deep breath and allow the denied parts inside to step forward, letting you know what the actual needs and talents really are. Tuning your listening to that, which serves you to flower rather than the accomplishment of your position in the world.

3 Oct (r em)
Today we can meet our friend emotional despair. Calling it that indicates already the method – how to transform that energy. This one, like all the little inner monsters, needs to be befriended. What does that mean? It means dive into it, be 100% right in the middle of it, feel it in openness without any judgment. The costume it wears is one of deep sadness, reaching emotional despair. It is just that in this case, when occurring in this place of the nervous system, it is really the disillusion of the ego about a relationship which has been more a deal with contracts than any flow of love from the hearts.
This is a challenging one to face. The sadness feels so real. The intensity of our feelings is always what convinces our minds of the reality of its suffering. But, when you open your senses, look and listen fresh into this moment, you may find that life in all its abundance and glory is right here. Life is just life – not a story of life. It is this wild, pulsating vibrant force expressing as all these feelings and forms we can possibly be. The love you long for cannot be negotiated or arranged. Let it find you by opening up, by giving up the resistance to being really, truly free. Free is free of ownership and control. It is scary, because it reminds us so damn closely of dying, of disappearance. That’s what it is is. Disappearing into the space inside that fears its own disappearance. Resurrecting with the light that creates from within. Free to be no-one-at-all.

5 Oct
on this day we have the second chance of seeing what’s described on 22nd Sep

6 Oct
another second chance offer, read again the 25th Sep

In the Blessing Days at the end of the cycle (4-6/7 Oct), you may receive a little extra energy to review how you’re doing in the balance of the bitter-sweet, in finding the core tool within by befriending your shadow issues as much as you love to be in the light.

The organ corresponding with this cycle is the Pancreas.

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