6 – 20 April: The Feminine Rising

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This begins with Listening. And in the understanding that discovering and rising the feminine includes being and deeply acknowledging the masculine as well. This is not about women (or excluding men), it is about the feminine in all of us. It is so important in the contemporary world, because the qualities of the feminine inside of us are the keys that unlock our ability to actually leave the plane of suffering and fighting and enter into the divine nature that we are, the kingdom of God, as it is sometimes called. The lost or rather the forgotten quality that gives a nudge up to our energy, in our consciousness, is receptivity.

Now, that is kind of bad news for the “doer” (in us). We’re all programmed that we gotta do something about things, especially when they are going badly. The masculine way of proceeding with and from an idea has overtaken the world. Of course this is a great tool, the masculine is as important and great in itself, especially when it expresses its nature through creativity; however when it is not held in the universal stillness and receptivity of the feminine, it begins to produce a mess. Nowadays the world reflects this back to us. The feminine, the total receptivity, the stillness comes first – in order to support the rise of the outgoing, masculine energy.

How to exit this dilemma? We’re all equipped inside ourselves to contribute, however small that contribution may look, to the rescue. My first dilemma in writing is that what we’re looking for does not entirely fit into words. And in case we believe we know all this already, that we understand it, let’s be ready for a grand surprise.
From total reset in openness, we are able to develop and unfold towards peacefulness and love. As individuals and as a brotherhood, a race. It needs a REMEMBERING inside of the inbuilt deeper knowing of the feminine; by being receptive, by stopping in the tracks of “I know”, by embracing all and being willing to be all. Yes, including the how we are as a play of life with failures and flaws.

The way to get in touch with the feminine quality is by listening. Listening inside in openness to the unknown, becoming like water, flowing … Listening to sounds and silence, to the deeper vibrations, staying still, noticing the reactions, which may come up during this very watery enquiry deep dive within…. noticing the question marks, the mind’s boredom, the many impulses wanting to DO something – anything, but … Just for now, be here and listen.
Living through the apparent paradox, staying still in the listening, staying receptive to the unknown. Yes, no less is asked of us and it is less complicated than it may sound in words. There is a long forgotten and maybe overlayed talent in you, in all of us, that is very capable of plunging deep by listening, remembering … to be utterly receptive to life. This frees up the path for life to finally BE YOU THE WAY YOU ARE MEANT TO BE! Aware, joyful, blissful, loving and sharing all that with others. The feminine inside knows “how to (not)do that” … hang in there until, in openness, a spark occurs that kicks off an unavoidable, choiceless awareness, which generates action on the outside that is no longer conceptual but real, authentic.
The body cells will begin to dance in harmony while using the life energy – that which moves and motivates us – in exactly the right energy channels and places for whatever the expression or action is in the moment. Let’s take a deep breath and sigh, lean back … relax for a bit into the luxurious truth that when we receive life, letting it happen through us, it gets a lot easier altogether.

How does this express in daily life?!
This cycle is about discovering how the feminine qualities of receptivity and vulnerability balance the naturally outgoing masculine forces in a way that not only creates a healthy harmony but also clarity!
People often wonder how to get clear and instead experience rather foggy states of more confusion, while trying to figure things out through goal oriented thinking. Try to shift into having a direction – that’s an opening for many possibilities to come to you. As you lean back and receive … your view of the possible options will widen and the needed clarity to pick the right choice comes along with the relaxation. The body knows, the feeling knows … it’s about tuning with an inner stillness rather than acting out what the mind pretends to know.

Now is the time when the universe is supporting us to pay attention to the feminine qualities and to experience how that creates miracles in our lives by finally balancing truly with the masculine. For body, mind and heart. All it needs is to relax into listening to the Unknown.

It’s a great time to wave good bye to the painful experience of separateness as an individual. The medicine for detoxing the mind is to pay attention to projection and judgement. The moment we embrace whatever we don’t like or want to be – but here it is anyway – and thus call back the lost energy that goes into projection onto others, we will feel a softening and balancing inside. Try it. By being the unloved qualities, you relax straight into and through them to rising as a conscious being of love. The bespoken oneness consciousness will not reveal itself by excluding aspects from “your” life, only by including all. This will bring peace.

Here’s the Specials: WHAT TO WATCH
Days with enhanced energy – the “shock points”

6 April (f em, will repeat on 19 April)
Today offers a beautiful chance to experience empathy. Either happening through you or coming toward you through someone else. The feature itself derives from balance in the emotions and in the mind, enabling innocent perception. The enhanced energy waves of the shock point support emotional balance and equanimity inside, bringing forth compassion and intuition. It does need receptivity to allow the frequencies to become a conscious experience. It’s delightful.
A good entry may be turning your awareness towards beauty. Anything that invites your senses to beauty. Being touched by a sunrise, a picture, a melody … is how this works. The fine, pristine and loving energy flowing here is vibrating the feminine kindness love of the true Queens, who unite the land in harmony with its inhabitants by balancing the elemental forces. What was driven by greed becomes contentment with what is. This nowness can activate a feature of clairvoyance, of bridging over time-space limitation in service to the welfare of all.

8 April (yz mi)
On this day the energy for receiving answers gets amplified. Wanting answers and giving them. More interesting here will be to look at when we give them and hope to be loved for doing that. Serving others with answers to their questions or problems is something that most of us learned or acquired in childhood, especially around mum (or other caregivers). If we received positive feedback from the ones taking care of our needs for saying the right thing or making the right proposal or knowing the answers, we would feel safe and loved. We may have served someone’s loneliness or need for solution finding by producing randomly wise words of wisdom or practical instructions. That’s all useful and great, as long as it doesn’t become an automated habit. Have you noticed, people often tell you what they DO when being asked “how are you”? Rather than telling you how they ARE. That kind of confusion between feeling and doing is to do with the space described here. Being knowledgeable is alright, still don’t let it overrule real connection. The heart is always in this moment.

9 April (u un, will repeat on 20 April)
Today’s extra torch light shines on the comfort zone of knowing that you are right. In case you know that feeling of dwelling in being right! … and therefore … ! It may make you feel pseudo safe and in getting used to it, you easily overlook how superior and arrogant that can make you.
If you then have the great good luck to meet someone who will not agree with you, someone who has a different perception, you may feel very baffled and challenged or even get angry. But Man! Hey! that innocent person who simply has a different view is mirroring how stuck you have become in identifying with always being right.
This is driven by masculine energy (also in the woman) and it’s what is generally called chauvinism. So, what now? Put the Chauvi and all his arguments into a waiting room for a little while and feel your back relaxing. Lean into your own spine and breathe. How’s that?! – Good, eh?! And when that male clever head is let out of the waiting room, after he’s relaxed a bit, he might be able to feel some vulnerability and see that all the superiority of being right has been an illusive protection from getting hurt, (which cannot be avoided in the first place). Relaxing, and embracing equality with all those other trembling souls, is actually much less difficult and much more rewarding and nourishing than you’ve ever imagined.

13 April (u dc)
Are you ready to give up having the last word? Today is your day! And what does that take, actually? A bit of pride – who needs that pride anyway.
It’s kind of similar to, but not quite the same as, the “being right” decribed above. When taking a close look, it is something that we all do. Arguing just in order to win the argument, even if we lose a friend to it.
Politics and religions are build on that kind of righteousness with the punchline: 1. “I am right,(which makes you wrong.) 2. There’s only one God who belongs to me. 3. If you don’t see that, we automatically go to No 1.”
Admittedly an annoyingly simple example. Makes things clear. No wiggling out. We do this. We can drop it. We can stop it by becoming aware when it’s happening. Start by acknowledging that the pattern is running, then relax, embrace the pattern, be it (not the same as act it out), shut up and nourish yourself with the energy flow that begins to come back to you rather than being lost in argumenting … or in being the last voice heard in space. How important would that make you? when no one is listening … Retreating from winning the verbal battles creates space for love. Let someone else “win” – it is short lived illusion. I’ve heard so many times: “only losers can win this game!” (Osho). You will lose nothing of importance, only the illusion that there is a reality in the win and lose game.

19 April
read again 6 April
20 April
read again 9 April

May the BLESSING DAYS at the end of the cycle bless you with clear open space.

The organ benefitting from transformation in this cycle: the kidneys

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