21 April – 5 May: Friendship

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Welcome Dear Friend. These flowers are for you. Whether we have met or shared each other’s story or not, it is love connectiNo us this very moment. The mellow yellow frequency of this cycle reminds the nervous system of a sense of fulfilment. The great feeling when, just for a moment, all our needs are met and we expand and merge into peaceful co-existence with all there is in nature and the world around us. Our deepest wish is a longing for wholeness.

This cycle offers access to wholeness. The door is befriending those inner patterns that prevent us from staying in touch with the source. It is loving awareness for ourselves that opens room in our hearts to express love and care for one another.
For the longest time, perhaps life times, we could not see ourselves. We got used to wanting to be seen by others, to have our belonging confirmed by the environment or the group of people we crave to belong to. We acquire strategies for getting something from the outside and begin to confuse what we want and what we really need in order to feel whole. That’s what it’s all about, feeling whole, nothing lacking, nothing wrong with you, no need to change. What a blessed state. We know it – and we seemingly keep losing it again and again. How come?

The longing to be whole makes us want nearness with our friends and loved ones. As near as possible in order to ‘prove’ our shared roots – the oneness – to one another. We source this sense of oneness within and try to confirm it without through close attachment to someone or something that looks as if it was a “someone else.” Sooner or later, we come to despise too much of that kind of merged closeness and hurtle back into separate existence, which is equally painful as the overload of nearness that is run by wanting something. What a dilemma!
So, let’s look at what we’re asking from our friends and lovers: what we want from anyone we consider to be close to us is really the qualities of a Buddha: ‘please do not judge me, do not compare me and do not expect things of me, which I cannot give’. That’s how we want to be treated by our friends, by any one close: No judgement, no comparison, no expectation. The idea is great, these are the qualities of a Buddha-Friend, of someone who is simply relaxed and fulfilled with themselves in the now, exactly the way they are and who therefore has room inside to love and care for others.

The shift, the solution is that it needs to begin in ourselves. It needs you to grace yourself with these qualities and become a friend to who you are and how you are. That involves befriending what’s inside – all inclusive! There is actually nothing in this universe that isn’t also you! The shadows and the demons, the flaws and the numerous other bits you may not like. Try asking those parts what they really need?! Begin by being friendly and kind with yourself. It works wonders!
It will take you closer to the source of being and bring ease into your life, by making it possible to be yourself in the most direct and simple way. No efforts needed, no pretence. In that space we’re also able to distinguish between wanting and real needs. We make more intelligent choices in daily life.
Befriending your whole self from within makes you flower and shine and emanates a fragrance around (you), which is irresistible to others. It works in the same way as it does between the flowers and the birds and the bees.

Let it all begin by becoming a friend to yourself. Deepening in this will attract friends towards you and bring you closer to the source of your own being, to truth and love.

The specially enhanced energy days

21 April (yz mi – overlapping from the former cycle, repeats 8 April)
On this day the energy for receiving answers gets amplifiedWanting answers and giving them. More interesting here will be to look at when we give them and hope to be loved for doing that. Serving others with answers to their questions or problems is something that most of us learned or acquired in childhood, especially around mum (or other caregivers). If we received positive feedback from the ones taking care of our needs for saying the right thing or making the right proposal or knowing the answers, we would feel safe and loved. We may have served someone’s loneliness or need for solution finding by producing randomly wise words of wisdom or practical instructions. That’s all useful and great, as long as it doesn’t become an automated habit. Have you noticed, people often tell you what they DO when being asked “how are you”? Rather than telling you how they ARE. That kind of confusion between feeling and doing is to do with the space described here. Being knowledgeable is alright, still don’t let it overrule real connection. The heart is always in this moment.

25 April (vun vdc)
Two aspects are amplified today, the energy which moves us and the energy which makes us feel in one piece and in place with ourself. A strong sense of obligation may challenge the experience of being in one piece, today. Maybe we gave a promise once … or we’re simply conditioned to believe certain necessities are obligatory, without checking afresh what is really needed. Getting too wound up in obligation leads to losing the alignment within that makes you feel in harmony with your natural being. Especially when we love someone, it is easy to slip into a deal where we both fulfil the other’s spoken and unspoken expectations. We become more and more narrow inside.
When we are aligned within as a loving aware friend to ourselves, it’s easy to live the natural flow. When we lose the inner alignment, we tend to become submissive to ideas of obligation. Reflect about the difference between wanting and needing and also check again and again what you truly want and need.

The other aspect that gets enhanced today can be real fun to enjoy. It’s all about romance. Candle light dinners with music and sweet whispers. Going around town, being seen with the greatest partner, feeling like celebrities while counting the smiles you get from others.
Go for it! Yet, keep alert! It’s just a role to play, a costume to wear on the stage of human experiencing; it isn’t serious or meaningful. It’s a dream, which may match someone else’s dream just enough to conjure up magical feelings of connection and synchronicity in a shared sensual experience. It’s all working and real in its own way as long as it lasts. It’s not meant to last forever or build a life upon. After taking off the costumes, try sharing silence together. Two individuals will never experience exactly the same thing or transform in exactly the same way or time – even though spiritually we are ONE … Celebrate the appearance of the individual uniqueness with love and respect; share abundantly and re-source within, in the ordinary silence of your being. Love is here.

26 April (g em)
Today the energy boosts around learning loving in the moment, with whoever we meet. Imagine that! Coming from heart breaking separations into a celebration in love. Dismantling the rules and regulations on “which kind of love is for whom and how that should and shouldn’t be expressed”.
After the umpteenth heart break with ‘closed’ relationship, we may have tried open relationship or multi anarchy non commitment dating … and not found what we need, what fulfils us.
In a way our strategies have limited love by staying in control. That keeps us separate. Love is a merciless teacher. It works only when we live the truth (in the moment). We cannot negotiate and dictate our terms. When it’s love that you’re after, you need to open to the flow and to vulnerability in every moment, meeting everyone including yourself. There are no guarantees, there’s no “gone by date” printed on your lover’s neck.
There are so many delightful surprise moments with strangers and friends, with family members and even with enemies, when we stay open to the dance that happens as a live celebration of love. It flows, it colours and deepens our long term love relationships, while not limiting them to one certain thing. Fresh and unknowable every day.

2 May(a mi)
Today we confront or maybe it confronts us, the urge to argue – no matter what. Just arguing for argument’s sake and in order to feel on top of others. We get a kick out of outsmarting others with arguments and in doing so, our energy keeps winding up for more. Nothing really factual or relevant, just an energy power game. It weaves an illusion of being emotionally safe. It isn’t really a protection from anything, but it certainly is a way of shutting off from our heart.
When this kind of arguing is engaged with themes of friendship or relating, it really turns off anyone within earshot, anyone who is still connected to feeling, from wanting to be close to you. We may be attached to this pattern for the energy blast it sets off in our brains, but it also wraps a suit of armour around the heart, too heavy to move with. Becoming ordinary is the key here. Take off your work clothes, especially the shoes, and go for a stroll in the grass. Imagine it’s never too late to become a friend. Starting with kindness to yourself will attract friends towards you. Love touches before thinking.

Let’s celebrate the BLESSING DAYS around 4-6 May by being friends in truth, walking this path together. Thank you beloved Friend.

Online Meetings “Satyamitra – Friends in Truth” in German (Adima) and in English (Adima & Sudeva, from end of June)

The physical organ benefiting from transformation in this cycle: Stomach


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