22 June – 6 July: Centering Here Now

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At the centre of a cyclone is stillness. On the way to the centre is a lot of motion and commotion surrounding the perfectly silent middle.
In the middle of our bellies, a little underneath the navel, is an energy centre. It operates just like that. It is called “ Hara“. This energy centre does not come with its own physical manifestation, as the heart or the brain/mind do, yet it is an intrinsic part of the body-energy-system.
In Eastern cultures, it is referred to and understood as the centre of our being.
We have access to our heart by focusing on it. In the same way we can access our very centre of being by focusing on the still point in the middle of our belly, the Hara.
It is at its centre that the power of the outgoing masculine active force meets the all encompassing feminine receptivity and both together develop out of separation into a balanced partnership. The same energy that expresses as aggression, anger or fear of surrender transforms into loving awareness while met by a feminine embrace of receptive openness. This holds the space from which wisdom of discernment and the confidence of aware presence evolve. All the above are your Hara qualities!

Physically, the Hara is located in the belly, two fingers width below the navel and as deep inside. 
It is from the Hara that our instincts operate. That which makes us act before we think or analyse our feelings. The Hara signals to the brain to protect us when we are in danger. It also provides “superhuman strength” when that’s needed in order to protect or rescue us. It has a direct communication line with the part of the brain that helps us in figuring out what is right and what is wrong. In a way, the Hara decides “what’s good for you” before you do! It is an inner knowing, before thinking. Spontaneity and dignity in our actions are directly related to this.
Tibetan Pulsing activates the Hara functions of self-awareness and stabilises the immune system. By balancing the polarities, our centre of being anchors in the Hara. With the centre in balance, our heart begins to conduct relationships and the mind becomes a useful servant. Tibetan Pulsing activates the energy channels and balances the masculine and feminine forces. A natural re-connecting with true one-self is able to happen.
Uniting the masculine and feminine forces within ourselves puts an end to war.


22 June (a dc)
Holding on to a sense of lack can make us into a kind of “energy thief” or it becomes the door into transformation and inner growth. The difference is run by our awareness. Without self-awareness it is hard to relieve ourselves and our ancestors from the blame that rises out of wanting too much from others and the outside. When we miss out on embracing and feeling the serenity and divinity of our own self in our centre, we begin to want it from the outside. We’ve all experienced that however hard we try, we will never get it all. What reaches to us from outside will never feel complete. When we’re lucky, there is that sense alive in us that is and stays aware of feeling incomplete. The choice then is either to walk around like a thief and steal energy in the form of things, stories, ideas – whatever – from other people and grow more frustrated, while using one’s pristine gift of awareness for insufficient purposes, or we use the same awareness that makes us a good thief and turn it to where the real treasure box is: inside!
Just imagine: there’s a huge garbage pile next to the entrance of a gold mine. You want to find gold. Will you start digging up the garbage pile … or enter the gold mine?! By turning our awareness IN we enter that gold mine. All the treasures and the longing to be complete will be met in your own being; just try it out. Here Now.

26 June (e mi / k em)
Our mentality and emotion will receive some extra energy today. It’s one of them again, a day with part 1 and part 2 shock point waves.

Part 1 (e mi) Having it all in the grip – until it grips you. We’re all trying our best, or worst, to keep some kind of control over our lives. Life itself doesn’t have such strange ideas, it agrees with chaos as much as with structure, order or rhythm. Nonetheless, we do believe control is needed. Especially on the path of spiritual seeking and finding, when we have acquired a certain amount of “truth”, the tendency to juggle with our lives grows on us. We can actually do that, and in some cases it may produce a beneficial influence or the wanted effect. BUT … the moment our personal desire or self-importance runs the show, we’re trapped. The only way out of that trap is to sit in it long enough, until we can’t avoid noticing that we can only juggle reality until the moment it juggles us instead. While looking at the demolished heap of our constructs we may find the middle again, maybe a bit wiser and more balanced, ready to be used by life as an innocent player in the moment.

Part 2 (k em): The divine merging of the the internal and external. Duality consciousness in life is ultimately or objectively speaking an illusion. It’s just pretty hard to see that, while having to live and obey the laws of apparent separation and of cause and effect in daily life. With minds that are only capable of manoeuvring between objects, thus always creating a seer and a seen (duality), it is challenging to relax into being a happening.
Yet, we’re all drawn to the revelation of being the oneness that actually deletes our separateness and therefore also “the other”. In order to get there we begin from a ‘me and you.’ When meeting one another in divinity and dignity, we realise our own internality inside the other. We share the juice of life and we each drink from our own cup. We are the other, we do not have to have them. That’s when the fun begins in spending time together. And this is not only for lovers who include the sexual arena, it’s possible with just about anyone. It maybe a little easier (and harder) to start learning with the ones we’re inevitably and unavoidably drawn to.

3 July repeats 22 June, read that again

4 July (a un)
The waves of today’s shock point support us to put an end to unnecessary suffering over not being loved enough. The moaning and complaining about what’s not, about what’s lacking and missing in our life, especially when it comes to being loved, has narrowed our view. We can’t see the love that surrounds us. The truth is that we all carry wounds from the past. We’ve been through painful moments in childhood, where we felt forgotten, overlooked, abandoned or generally not loved in the way we deserved and needed. That happened, it happened to us all. Mum and Dad have failed, haven’t they? And don’t we too as mums and dads, brothers and sister, partners and friends – after all who is perfect, who manages unconditional love for oneself and others all the time …
It is from childhood that we carry these very high expectations from the people around us. Our caregivers used to hold God-like powers in their position of authority. They should give us just about everything and fulfil all our needs, before we even ask for it. Up to certain young age that’s how it’s meant to be. Later, we need to learn to shift from that view and realise that we’ve grown to be our own authority with access to taking care of ourselves. God, the higher forces, love itself has never forgotten us. We may have some clouds or a blurry fog in the way of seeing that, but it’s here. The access is through the pulse in the Hara. It’s time to forgive mums and dads and similar figures – they did a good job to give us birth and to raise us enough to be exactly here right now! Let’s explore this with gratitude and love.

Happy blessings to experience your divinity, immunity and true rebelliousness especially at the change of cycles on 5-7 July

The energy centre (usually ‘organ’) responding to this cycle’s vibration : the Hara

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