7 -21 June: Living the Dream

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(collage by Adima, AppArt material by Sukhan and personal photos)

This cycle is the closing cycle of the Year in the Tibetan Frequency Calendar. It holds a special potential for renewal and review. A powerful chance to drop old luggage and, by giving up useless or destructive habits, fill the space with new possibilities of intelligence and intellect interconnected in the harmony we dream of. Intellect and Intelligence, logic and perception, synchronising in balance. It is what elates our spirit and deepens our compassion for all.

A collage from my inner dream world invites you to enter the timeless, endless realm of perceiving images. Moving between them is like riding waves, and as each wave rises and falls we fill it with meaning – which then becomes the story of our life, for better or for worse.
This is called perception, which is what this cycle is all about. Perception and the interplay between the two halves of our brain, one half labelling and sequencing with logic (masculine qualities), the other playing with a painting box while dancing to the universal song of life (feminine qualities).

We all want our (good) dreams to come true. Our nervous systems relax with the release when dreaming at night, which is discharging some of the tensions we couldn’t bring into balance during the day. We enjoy watching dreams fabricated by others to entertain us when watching movies. What we want to be, but feel like we cannot be. And also what we don’t want to be because we judge it too badly. We have a sense that balance is maintained by the bad guys being there as well – as long as that isn’t us, we like the movie. It can all be put on a screen for us to match and sync it with those exact dream parts in our inner universe.
When the dreamer becomes aware while dreaming, when the spectator stops judging while watching, eventually you’ll figure out that you are all of it: the good, the bad and the ugly as much as the beautiful, the unspeakable, the divine.

Dolphins are perceived as knowing a few of the above described secrets. Humans are intrigued by their playfulness – there’s a key! Life is a play, not a problem to be solved. Sometimes we believe we are the scriptwriter or director or the main hero or the main victim of our personal play of life, while the truth is that this force of consciousness forming what we call life has no plan with labels for us, which we can figure out in order to stay in control.
It is actually amazing that we can wake up every morning and still remember exactly the bits that make you You and me Me.
For the ability of our brains to give us an identity, which can handle the motion of objects through our personal timeline, we pay a small price: it’s called identification. This mechanism that identifies the you in You is part of the brain like so many other parts. Unfortunately it believes it is special, separate, single, so called individual. That causes a whole lot of effort to remodel and change one’s history, circumstances, attributes, qualities; all in order to fit into a dream we have of something we want to be but believe to be absent.

When we break the moulds of meaning and evaluation of the common mind, an ocean of consciousness offers us a ride on a wave of perception in the moment. The playfulness in it is the truth that we actually are all and everything! All the possibilities, non seriously.
When we’re not busy wanting to be other-wise, space opens inside for rather entertaining things like clairvoyance, clairaudience and empathic perception of one another.
We are each other’s dream within our own dream!
The cosmic joke here is that the moment we give up the “I, me, mine” and let life be the dream unfolding in the here-now, separation drops, the depression of loneliness becomes a joy of sharing an all-one-ness, as individuals and as brothers and sisters united in the same universal consciousness, dancing along to the universal song and its soundless and philharmonic tunes. We are each other’s cheers of joy, screams of sorrow and the dumbstruck silence when we hear the sound of the one hand clapping … while the dolphin cackles away having found another friend to play.
Let’s see what we can watch in this auspicious time of re-setting, reviewing and renewal. Good Luck!


8 June (yz dc)
Now, here’s a useful tool to tidy up one’s life. It’s called objective evaluation. It is available to your finger tips and toes for you to dance with through your life. When it comes to sorting, tidying, deciding what’s good and useful and what isn’t, you will be better equipped by dancing and listening inside than by thinking or figuring out. Sound’s good, eh?!
The empowerment to learn all these things is vibrating right around you in the universal frequencies today (and again on the 19th of June). Especially in case you believe that you don’t know how to do these things, simply open up to the vibes, allowing what reaches to your system.
Here’s a tip: this is easier to perceive when you actually move. Stay in motion, in whichever way you enjoy. While you walk or hop or dance you may find that there is actually a part inside which really knows what’s good for you and for everyone else. There is an antenna that guides you from within and let’s you know how to eliminate energy sucks from your life and install nourishing provisions.
This could mean that your social circles need a review and you choose in accordance with your inner compass who you hang out with – and who not. It could mean that you reform your child’s school curriculum by advising the right person loud and clear or maybe you move house. In any case what you’re practising is objective evaluation. Sorting the basement or reviewing the wardrobe is always a good start to prepare the system for it.

15 June (d mi)
Today is about the REAL THING. It expresses as clarity in holding the transmission of what is real and what is not! An uncompromising openness, free from (self-) doubt, not run by individual ego but by life running through individual form. You step out of the way, which offers the space to life. A sense of happening rather than doing will alert you to the reality of life being actually simple. This becomes a doorway to the mysterious, the kind of things we’ve always wanted to access but approached in the wrong way. The mysterious doesn’t show when penetrated by concepts or thought or attempts to control. Mysteries begin to dance in you when you become the empty screen on which the reality of your dreams is allowed to happen.

16 June (j em)
Today we’re invited to experience how we feel about adjusting our personal life according to the changes life has made already and whether or not we’re willing to install or experience any reconstruction. One of the odd things about us humans is that we tend to hold on to patterns, which have proven not to be helpful. Just because we know our way with them, we continue to repeat the same kind of behaviour, leading to neural over and over again. Often this is driven by a sense of things being too private to share, or a sense of shame or being overprotective of our personal possessions.
On this day we can tune into a great possibility by actually feeling what it’s like when mind, heart and being (Hara) align and form a support for harmony in the system. This enables beneficial reconstruction of personal or private circumstance in accordance and in attunement with life. There may be surprises, there may even be shocks or discoveries of ‘new’ – in the sense of yet unexplored – sides of you. In any case, worthwhile to give it a go. All you need to “do” is feel. Tune in, listen inside and open for the messages and revelations to come to you.

17 June (yz un)
Today the enhanced energies of the shock point bring us THE LION KING, the excellency of clear and undistracted watchfulness. Being aware of what goes on by feeling it while seeing it all without judgment. Perceiving through pictures. Unobstructed witnessing will flood the kind of strength through your system that transforms a sheep into a lion. No-one and nothing can push you over.
Such perception can only grow out of kindness, fuelled by compassion. Embracing all the possibilities of your being, all the crazy and fallible parts equally with the bright shining divine and genius bits. When you own your total self as a possibility, holding it with loving strong arms, you will be embraced by the world around you with equal strength and love. It enables you to determine the intrinsic goodness in the greatest villain and also to determine not to engage with the villain, without needing to hate or separate. Comprehension is the path to oneness.

19 June
repeats the themes described on the 8th of June

21 June
Brings us the overlap shock point from the next cycle with the summer solstice blessings in the Hara
This day’s shock point waves support us to put an end to unnecessary suffering about not being loved enough. The moaning and complaining about what’s not, about what’s lacking and missing in our life, especially when it comes to being loved, has narrowed our view. We can’t see the love that surrounds us any more. The truth is that we all carry wounds from the past. We’ve been through painful moments in childhood, where we felt forgotten, overlooked, left alone or generally not loved in the way we wanted to be. That happened. To us all. Mum and Dad have failed, haven’t they, and don’t we too as mums and dads, brothers and sister, partners and friends – after all who is perfect, who manages unconditional love for oneself and others flawlessly all the time …
It is from childhood that we carry a perception of very high expectations of the people around us. Those caregivers used to hold God-like powers in their position of authority. They should give us just about everything and fulfill all our needs, before we even verbalise them. Up to certain small age that’s how it’s meant to be. Later, we need to learn to shift from that view and realise that we’ve grown to be our own authority with access to taking care of ourselves. God, the higher forces, love itself has never forgotten us. It’s high time to forgive mums and dads and other big figures – they did a good job to give us birth and raised us enough to be exactly here right now! – to explore, to grow, to love, to liberate.

With this cycle the blessing days of the cycle are also the blessing days of the year!
We can transform our old luggage,fix the loose ends, to acknowledge what is still work in progress and learn to comprehend even in the darkest hour that life is a play!

The physical organ benefiting from transformation in this cycle: Cerebellum

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