22 July – 6 Aug: Intelligence ~ Identity ~ Self

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Have you ever tried to approach your own brain with awareness or with feeling? That is in terms of really getting in touch with what it is actually doing? Many other organs seem to be quite happy to communicate one way or another and they respond to loving attention. Especially with the bodywork of Tibetan Pulsing, we can achieve conscious connection with our organs and body parts and through that experience communication and communion.
My experience with the brain could be called sometimes “multi-response overwhelm”, or unable to interpret, because too much is going on at a time. However, when meditation comes in – it becomes a very interesting observation, in between science and logic and perception and feeling.
We’ve probably all heard about the two halves of the brain, one doing the thinking and representing the scientific way, the other half performing feeling and perception. One representing conditioning and convention, the other inviting integration into the oneness experiences of consciousness.

In order for us to experience a harmonious balance and develop a sense of personal self, both halves need to operate together like the wings of a bird. Thinking and mind have to do with air. Air can be compressed, imprinted. That is what happens with our thoughts, our ideas. They appear, are received by the brain and noticed, then compressed and imprinted into our systems: sitting in the middle between the wing of scientific understanding and another wing of feeling and perception. With both wings operating we learn to experience a healthy sense of self.

Why is a healthy sense of self necessary, whilst spiritual schools teach ‘absence of self’ and suggest overcoming the idea of it?
Well, in order to operate the human body machine properly and play as a player on the stage of social life in the divine play of life, we need to do both: become and define a “story of me” as an individual incarnation, in order to manoeuvre in the world. And overcome and lose the identification with that same story, because it is a limitation of our true, divine being. So, while growing up, we need to develop a healthy sense of identity. In order to learn from our experience we also need to encounter identification with ideas, so these can be explored and evaluated. It’s called learning.

In meditation we give these possibilities a break and, as with all things, a break, relaxation, resting are great fine tuning tools, which invite energy to flow and find its own way. You don’t need to do a thing, but may notice surprising changes simply happening through your aware watchfulness.

The brain can be compared to a computer. The brain itself being the hardware, the mind being the operating system and the conditioning, beliefs, stories, memories the software.
As it is with computers, there’s stuff “inbuilt” that comes with the operating system and then we upload a lot of apps! When we are little the apps, the software is uploaded for us by others, we take the stuff in through hearing it. Later we begin to choose our own apps. At least that’s the illusion, because after all everything we apparently choose has also been made by the same mind that is offering or choosing it.
The “story of me” blows up and becomes something big that seems to need protection.
One of the mind’s best features is to pretend that its content would need a lot of hard and solid wall protection – like the brain sitting in a skull. Thus the mind loves to create fear around any kind of change to the story.

It is exactly this protective fear mechanism that causes a lot of stress and unnecessary tension in us by putting fear above feeling, by keeping us from meeting directly in vulnerable and honest ways, simply being our unpredictable self in a multitude of possibilities; instead we try to produce some sort of defined, controllable person performance. Yes, it is great that we can remember our own name every morning and identify the daily life objects we deal with in an appropriate way. Yet, apart from those practical functions, we don’t need a story or definition of self. Simply being oneself is an endlessly surprising, exposing, humbling and unpredictable adventure. In discovering this to be a true possibility, we begin to appreciate ourselves as we are! In loving oneself, we also see those other human creatures just like us, being on the same journey.
That journey doesn’t need rules and weapons. It needs the guts to explore, the willingness to act intelligently between science and perception and the ability to laugh with God about ourselves. What a joyful celebration is possible among humans on this planet – IMAGINE …. !

WHAT TO WATCH in this cycle

24 July (c un)
The shock point energy today invites us to see how we attach to problem loving or problem creation! There’s that part in the mind that loves problems, right?! It loves them so much that it creates one, just to show how to overcome it and find solutions. For certain purposes, like software programming, such abilities are just great. For living your life, they get in the way of being natural : a loving, flowing consciousness, in openness. By being overly engaged on a mission of problem solving, we become rigid and stiff, we can hardly move at all and begin to behave as if we have to own whichever place we’re in right now. Originally we have just come here to explore, to grow, to play. Suddenly, everything in the vicinity has become an object of difficulties for solution finding.
That’s when we need to take a deep a breath, shake a bit, dance a bit, sing a song, get out of whatever armour it is we’ve put on and enjoy some simple living life again.

26 July (c dc)
There’s that saying “he can’t see the wood for the trees”. That’s about someone who is so identified with the stuff they are doing that they cannot relate with themselves or with others any more.
It’s a pretty good description for the state in the nervous system, which might get triggered today.
It develops out of the identification with “only I can do this, make it right, I am needed, no one else can do the job” etc … When that sounds familiar, let it be known to every cell in your body and brain, that that’s not true. It never is.
Yes you are unique and individually wonderful, but it isn’t true that you and you alone have to do it all and can not delegate. This is simply being a bit too well glued to self importance rather than with the simple sense of self. At a time when you believed you had to prove your value with outgoing acts, you may have slowly lost contact with feeling. By dropping some of the load you carry, by delegating a few jobs, the space around you will clear and you may experience a warm streak of self-loving intention flowing through the body again.

30 July (mn em)
The theme here is “never enough”. The idea that whatever I do and invest and give, the outcome never seems to be enough … Well, when you find yourself in that state, ask yourself “for whom” is it never enough?! Is that really your idea? How did this get into your identification app?!
A simple thing to understand is that we can only do and give what we can. More is simply not possible. And, if it ever truly had not been enough (that which flows back to you) you wouldn’t be here anymore! Yet, here you are, reading this.
The mind, society, other people plant these strange ideas into our heads about sizes, amounts and the expectation of outcomes. We get so used to them, they become a solid belief. Yet, it is a pretend solidity. It’s just a look-like brick wall, made of paper, easy to tear down. Poke a hole in it and truth looks at you saying something like: thanks for doing what you did. You gave it all, well done! That’s it for now as it is. Here the good old saying holds true: life is a divine play to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.

31 July (g mi)
This day sheds a light onto the dilemma of creativity knocking clearly on our doors and some mysterious foot on the brake, preventing things from happening. Many of us have experienced this one way or another. It’s really having the right idea and the skills and means to express it, knowing how to do it and that it’s great, useful, beautiful. But then you find yourself somewhow not moving, just thinking about it, unable to explain to yourself or anyone why your great creative potential isn’t really expressing.
Under certain circumstances, when we feel insecure, creativity may not easily flow. For creativity to really use you and take over as a flow of expression through you, you need to feel safe and sound in your life circumstances. When you don’t, that can be the reason for a blockage in the flow. Another and more common stopper is too much thinking, too much identification with our great ideas, rather than staying calm and curiously open to the flow that wants to happen on its own. The mind can get very impressed by its own ideas, so much so that it kills the aliveness of expression, which needs a certain amount of openness and reset to the origin in chaos for it to work.

6 Aug (repeats c un, overlap preview on d dc & o em)
THREE shock points today! This is energy enhancement for heightened awareness on the following themes:
Part 1 (c un) repeats the 24 July (scroll up and read there)

Part 2 (d dc, overlap preview for next cycle)
This is the day to meet the BODYGUARD – either the inner bodyguard or you meet it in someone else in your life. The bodyguard is the part inside that is capable and always ready and willing to jump forward, to volunteer for trouble in the name of what’s RIGHT and in order to protect! – whatever may need and deserve protection: you … or the greater good. It’s an enormous amount of energy, energy for motion in fact, that gets channeled into the mind and forms a galloping force expressing a very right instinct! It can be most useful and may come as a great turn on, for yourself and for others. Which is why we see celebrities starting relationships with their bodyguards. There’s a price: all the great instinctive protection works only when challenged in competition. Once in competition it’s very hard to connect from the heart, which is what we set off for in the first place. Wanting to learn to be authentic and find the real expression of love.
Now what? – Guess what?! yes, just slow it down a nudge … and a little more… yes… yes, a little more slowly … You won’t lose your radar, won’t lose your good instincts, but in the slowness you learn that you can dedicate those qualities to life and friends while staying calm. That opens your heart and that’s a big space that has been waiting to be noticed and connected!

Part 3: (o em overlap preview for next cycle)
O! Oh my God! or Ooh how wonderful! Where do you want to go today? We all have much love inbuilt and with that a capacity to understand and forgive, to stay open and receive others no matter what, to discern what needs to be discarded and what needs to be conserved. This natural attitude within can lead to a loss of sense of boundaries and an exaggerated taking in of other people’s negative input, because we understand it deeply and we feel capable to forgive. In the name of ‘serving love’ we can reach a certain state of self-denial and instead serve masochism.
Becoming real with this state is done simply by focusing on yourself with the same openness and loving attitude as you offer to others. Mind you: focus on yourself first and from that viewpoint check your boundaries and express them. If that seems too difficult or ‘has never worked’, reach out to someone who knows how to help you with it, that’s very popular nowadays. Aware expression of boundaries will give your loving more shine and real dignity – you’ll see. 

Whatever it is that might ail you, whatever we see or don’t see, it isn’t even ‘yours’. What any of it really needs is love. And the flowers shower again and again, life after life, love upon love.

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