7 – 22 Aug: Authenticity – The Song of Life

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wave of liquid gold

What’s real and what’s not, is what this cycle is about. Asking the question “what is real?” opens a vast space of knowing and not knowing, almost at the same time. How to get an orientation in this is what we’re trying to find out each life time. Morpheus puts it to Neo in the Matrix 1 “What is reality other than bio-electrical signals interpreted by your brain?” – Really ? is that all? Well, let’s look inside, feel inside, explore and find out! The universal background frequencies support this exploration, especially for the two weeks of this cycle.

You may have noticed that the moment you dig into “what’s real”, there’s doubt just right around the corner. They come together, until we’ve developed enough sense of real self to distinguish between the comings and goings of appearance, which convince our senses that what happens in the form of cause and effect is reality. Well, it’s not. But, what is?!
What is meant by ‘real self’ is the awareness that is one with THAT which doesn’t come and go. That which does not come and go is original and essentially who we really are. When you realise that you ARE the river of life, the current, the flow, then there is no question of how to reach the ocean of consciousness. There’s only a deeper knowing that the river is reaching directly and inevitably.
In flowing with the whole we start becoming real, which is original, which is as you’re meant to be.

This is not only about the “WHO you are” as a spiritual being, but also about the HOW you are as a human being with programmed personal self. Just imagine: You exactly as you are is God’s chance to be you – and that’s all what’s wanted! Out of that develops completion and YES, that includes all our unwanted parts as well! The relaxation into being (it) as is, creates a sense of divine self which we sometimes call God or higher Self. When it’s no longer separate, it isn’t even special.

How does that sound? … just for this moment listen into sounding …
It is sound that does it all. It is sound through which we get impressions, through which we express and discover and realise. What a song of life this is! The ability of our nervous system to generate electrical energy and convert that into sound, into expression is what makes us aware of our existence as an individual and in the end also of being one with inseparable consciousness.
When we’re in the womb our body system sends frequencies – a kind of sound – down a narrow tube when we need something and we receive what we need in return. That ‘soundless sound system’ works perfectly. With birth the whole system shifts from the belly button up to the throat and mouth and we have to express the needs by making sounds. Not always does the wanted or needed substance or reaction return to us at once. The moments where it fails are the crucial ones, which actually create the sense of individual identity, of personal self. It is lack which creates the sense of “I (am separate)”

We go on a long journey to crystallise this. We keep expressing with our voices and bodies what we need and want and seek answers and fulfilment. While some of it seems to work and some of it doesn’t, we wonder what is right or what is real. We doubt when it doesn’t work as we’ve imagined, but what if that’s just another aspect of being you as you are right now. We discover that we need one another in order to share and prove authentic expression to ourselves. That’s what relating is all about. The sounds we make need to be heard and responding sounds need to be received in order to find out what is my true state, my real face and feeling in this moment.
Along the way, we step into traps when changing our expression in order to please others or get what we want, while the heart aches and longs for simple real connection. We put on masks, fooling ourselves into being someone we are not, but pretend to be. Masks given by society or simply devised from what we imagine is wanted of us. Wearing a mask also alters what we sound like, our voices change.
It doesn’t need anything from the outside to melt the mask and bring the voice back to the heart. It needs the pulse, the life current flow, the opening to the river that flows and flows and reaches where you’re supposed to go. This is available in every moment, right where you are and how you are. It isn’t difficult, it is a little scary cause it takes you straight head first through the unknown …. and out the other end, still not knowing – but suddenly enjoying rather than suffering.

11 Aug (h mi)
Well, brace yourself. Today you can stop suffering. Do you want that? (nope, that’s not a stupid question). The energy today supports you to reveal how you create and believe in self-denial. It is possible to disempower a huge amount of that – just by accepting the slightly embarrassing revelation of false pretence that you’ve somehow gotten into and since then practiced as a constant entry for suffering.
We’re all suffering addicts. Let’s face it. There’s a scientific explanation for that. The ego defines itself by that which is NOT, that which is wrong or missing, by negative experiences. That is how it comes into being in the first place. So there’s more than a bit of glue with suffering because after all, who would you be without it, would you even be here ?!
Once you’ve had enough of it, really! there’s an easy way out. READY? … Just by being willing and open to see the truth, exactly the truth will reveal. Lean back and enjoy the show. You may want to give one or other friend in your life a call and let them know that you have finally discovered how to actually solve and meet all the stuff you have been howling and complaining about into their ears. Celebrate that they’re still there and go out together living the free you.

12 Aug
(d un)
Today it’s about self doubt and how we compensate for it. A common way of compensating is to try and be on top of the situation or to defeat others. Being better than the supposed enemy. It is a painful belief that fighting will keep us safe and afloat, while actually we lose connection with life and others. Usually we have so many “right” arguments on our mind that we convince ourselves of our superior position, of our righteousness; and thus do not have to encounter the fragility and delicacy of not knowing, of being unsure, of sometimes just not having an orientation to what’s real and what’s not. We seek to be authentic. When we cannot find sufficient role models to learn that, a part inside freaks out and tries to replace the natural flow of life with what’s normal or knowledgable. Thus your original face and your authentic self become distorted behind a mask, with a winner’s smile when you have the last word. With some luck, you begin to notice that life repeats its invitation and offers you a hand in exploring together with others being the vulnerable, unknowable, real you.
Just imagine for this moment: you being simply how you are as you are, without restrictions … just imagine that! There’s a sense of dignity of self and real ease. This doesn’t need instructions from authority, it simply declares itself and expresses naturally. There’s space for the crazy and the cool, for the clever and the daft, for failures and brilliance, just like different flowers in a garden of love. Now as poetic or even kitschy as that may sound to you, it is really there, in your throat, vibrating, waiting to become a song of you. You are that garden of love with space for every flower including yourself.

17 Aug (d dc)
This is the day to meet the BODYGUARD – either the inner bodyguard or you”ll meet it in someone else in your life. The bodyguard is the part inside that is capable and always ready and willing to jump forward, to volunteer for trouble in the name of what’s RIGHT and in order to protect! – whatever may need and deserve protection: you … or the greater good. It’s an enormous amount of energy, energy for motion in fact, that gets channeled into the mind and forms a galloping force expressing a very right instinct! It can be very useful and it may come as a great turn on, for yourself and others. Which is why we see celebrities starting relationships with their bodyguards.
There’s a price: all the great instinctive protection works only when challenged in competition. Once in competition it’s very hard to connect from the heart, which is what we set off for in the first place. Wanting to learn to be authentic and find the real expression of love.
Now what? – Guess what?! yes, just slow it down a nudge … and a little more… yes… yes, a little more slowly … You won’t lose your radar, won’t lose your good instinct, but in the slowness you learn that you can dedicate those qualities to life and friends while staying calm. That opens your heart and that’s a big space that has been waiting to be noticed and connected!

19 Aug (o em)
O! Oh my God! or Ooh how wonderful! Where do you want to go today? We all have so much love inbuilt and with that a capacity to understand and forgive, to stay open and receive others no matter what, to discern what needs to be discarded and what needs to be conserved. This natural attitude within can lead to a loss of sense of boundaries and an exaggerated willingness to take in other people’s negative input; because we understand it deeply and we feel capable to forgive. In the name of ‘serving love’ we can reach a certain self denial and instead serve masochism in ourselves.
Becoming real with this one is simply focusing on yourself with the same openness and loving attitude as you do to others. Mind you: it is yourself first and from that viewpoint check your boundaries and express them. If that seems too difficult or ‘has never worked’, reach out to someone who knows how to help you, it’s very popular nowadays. Aware expression of boundaries will give your loving more shine and real dignity – you’ll see.

22 Aug (I mi, as overlap preview / h mi repeats 11 Aug)
TWO shock points
Part 1: (overlap preview for the upcoming cycle)
Discovering oneself in truth requires both: determination as an individual on the path and the ability to relate in equality. Almost all of us lose the natural sense of equality we had during childhood through being forced in puberty to identify as either male or female, needing to establish one or other of these as our new role. An utterly important and unavoidable process in order to establish our place in the world. When we’re not able to be an equal, we also cannot determine a sense of unification. We become isolated all-knowers, seeking and gaining self important positions. We may have profound knowledge and insight as lonesome sole performers of our isolated self to a crowd of listeners, who are preferably on a down slope in consciousness from us, so that we can pseudo-shine. Now, such listeners choose to be beggars, looking up to self imposed leaders.
This perfect pairing keeps the world running in tracks of misery and keeps us in harness. In this play we either throw crumbs from tables or collect them from the floor. For happy relating and to truly share our potential, we need to re-establish the innocent deeper knowing of childhood, when equality with others wasn’t a question or a barrier. By understanding and owning the inner female and male, by balancing the forces within, we create an opening in our third eye. We will create a field of conscious exchange of life energy with one another, independent of what role we play in the game or on the stage of life.
Before we haven’t done our homework, attempts at apparent equality will be only “same-making”, fragile because polarised instead of naturally strong. Getting there takes guts. Truly overcoming the separating force, which was created by becoming “a woman” or “a man”, means giving up the control panel and opening the barriers that manage and protect our ego defence. The very good news is: it can be done while you relax in practising Tibetan Pulsing. There are other ways as well. This is the one I’ve come across and highly recommend.

Part 2: repeats 11 Aug, scroll up

“Life is what happens while we’re busy doing other things” (John Lennon)
May we all be blessed with the ability to stay right HERE in the middle of the moment, so that life can live you as you are.

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