23 Aug – 6 Sep: Truth

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Truth appears to be an unmeasurably vast field of information and perception. When we bring our attention to it, it expands and expands … So many possibilities and yet – there is no plural! no various or several ‘truths’ about one thing at a time. What does time have to do with it? What does our own appearance in time and space have to do with it? Is there any truth seen or heard without us, manifest in a living form? There’s so-called subjective and objective truth and what does that even mean. Who is the “subject” and how can anyone as the subject really truly be “objective.”
The quest for Truth eventually boils down to the question “Who am I?” and that includes another question “How am I”. The response or answers to the former may reveal your divine Buddha nature to be presence consciousness. The latter question may assist with navigating one’s individual nervous system as a personal appearance, a limited human being, within the vastness of spirit as oneness-presence.

Interpretation through our sensory nerves and mental capacities forms the mould of what appears to be true for the individual. This produces millions of facets of one diamond, which we all share existentially as the stuff we’re made of. So, yes it IS in every cell and every part of every cell within and without. We can’t pin it down into a slogan, a headline or a concept. We carry it within and meet it without in every moment, whether we realise that or not. In order to determine what’s scientifically true we can rely on facts, but when it comes to the essential understanding of who we are, we need to rely on resonance with truth that can be felt.
Have you ever noticed that truth is relaxing – even when it hurts?! We can feel the expansion into the space around us, the relaxation inside. That is connected with it. When you’re not sure about what someone’s telling you, focus to the upper part of your belly, right in the middle above the stomach.
There (in the solar plexus) we all hold an inbuilt lie detector. Listen into it. When it’s lies that you hear – or think, there’s tension. When truth is told this area relaxes.

Spiritually speaking every part of every cell is made of truth. So then why on earth is it so difficult to find truth – inside or out – and share it? It appears to be rather graspable in the realm of facts, but it also is contradictory in the realm of philosophy and way beyond our mind in meditation.
I heard the spiritual mystic Osho say, ‘All you really have to share is silence. All the rest is a projection … (of your mind).’
Now that sounds true, doesn’t it – and it feels a little disturbing as we are communicating beings. We make sounds with our voices in order to contact and understand one another and help each other grow out of the dual polarised (un)consciousness into that, which does not come and go. Ultimately we can feel that fully being truth itself will radically erase our sense of a personal story telling self. That’s where it gets tricky with the truth! We do want it. But we want it in our story, want it to be part of us (what we think of as “I, me mine”) The truth is that we have to disappear into it, sacrifice the story to it, without knowing how that works, what it does or to which outcome that leads. There is lots that is fascinating to know, there’s probably more that we don’t know and then there’s the unknowable. Truth, when we let it, will consume them all. It will eat them like fuel and erase all our well achieved control. Then the shift can happen into a surprising rebirth, into simple, direct experiencing in every moment.

There seems to be an unstoppable force driving us to the truth, to the discovery of who we really are. In our limited comprehension through mind this force takes form as desire . Desire is what moves us – whether to a new pair of shoes or to the truth, the force is the same. Both these ‘objects’ of desire are relevant. The so called ‘worldly’ desires need to be experienced in order to eventually make room for spiritual development. It is equally essential to ask ‘what do I want’ – and be honest about it – as it is to ask ‘who am I’. When you don’t look for what you want and go for it, you won’t get it. But it may get you and sit stubbornly in the way of your unfolding.
I remember the deep relaxation that occurred during my spiritual search in the environment of a sub-culture of like-minded friends and fellow travellers who were all, like me, seriously interested in meditation and practising it. At some point in that wonderful playground of human development called the “Osho Commune” or the Poona ashram, I discovered that what I really wanted at the time was to find Mr Right. I was honestly not very interested in sitting down and meditating. That discovery and sharing it honestly with a bunch of friends fuelled much relaxation and carried me further on the path in a light and natural way, which led to several Mr Rights 🙂 and also into a truly deep love affair with meditation arising from within, rather than pretence in support of a spiritual image. The force that is experienced as desire is ultimately unstoppable: sourced in shapeless, formless, timeless beingness itself. That is why repression doesn’t work in any field of life.

Truth alone may sometimes appear a little ‘dry’. The very force which drives us toward it is powerfully precise and accurate in its own way. That may lead us to develop yearnings for perfection or for sussing out and exploring the extreme peaks of polar opposites in order to find the middle. It can be a bumpy road on which we may get a bit too serious or too harsh. Relaxation and expansion will always follow our willingness to let go, to give ourselves to the truth rather than trying to possess it, understand it or talk about it. I hope you’re smiling here right now with me, forgiving me for writing so many words about something that ultimately I can’t express. But I can be it. Let’s join each other in BEING IT. The heart knows how. The pulse leads the way, always. In this moment my homage and gratitude to my teacher of Tibetan Pulsing, Dheeraj, is strongly felt, Namaste, Thank you.


24 Aug (e dc)
Where (the hell) is truth to be found in nothing being the way you wanted it? Well, it is true that you haven’t really created this situation, and mostly you can’t really change it. You can want certain things and see that they aren’t happening and you can look at what is really truly in your hands, while life is playing (with) you and us. Looking back at it you will discover that all the relevant significant events have happened without you doing them, haven’t they?! They just happened!
Maybe today you’re meeting exactly that frustrating and disappointing situation of not getting at all what you wanted. In any case, today is a good day to look into the theme. When everything goes wrong and nothing works, we feel the necessity for change. Now that in itself is a good impulse. It’s just that when the energy driving the action, that aims to make the change, is hung up on wanting unavailable objects, we will down spiral into a lot of pain and disappointment. We can hardly breathe and the heart stings with longing to actually unite and relate, while we deprive ourselves of exactly that unification by wanting a certain something that isn’t here. Wanting what is not, wanting life to be different, is in fact the main misery creator. Determining what can be influenced and changed, and what can not, is of great help with this.
It is desire that controls our action and our moves. Ultimately the positive expression of desire is truth. That is when the force that runs it is not stuck and glued to any object. The heart needs to be empty for life to fill it up with fulfilling truth and happy relations. The pain it shoots into our awareness is the invitation to look at what it is that we may need to let go of in order for the heart to be empty (again).

25 Aug (e un)
Here we are. This is it. Can be it. Today can reveal what is true – and what isn’t! Strong universal background energy for this. All it needs from us is the tiny little willingness to give up our story. Yes. Totally, 100%. Lie down and imagine three swords hovering above you, one over each centre of the Head, the Heart and the Hara (Belly). Open to the possibility that these swords may drop into your body – or not. It does need a strong invitation, a strong force to get us human animals to really truly commit to the discovery of truth. Commitment is what this is about. Commitment and surrender. Both not such popular terms because the Ego classifies them as slavery or weakness or giving in …
For centuries we’ve all been watching the motivation growing: the imprint of pain and suffering has been enough. That is what we do, right, that is how we’re ticking: we need that bit of pain, of suffering to even get interested in the truth and how to surrender to it. And yet – all the wars and catastrophes so far have not set us free as collective human kind to live the kindness. Why is that? What keeps us from hopping over the brink, taking that last step, losing all the burdens… whatever you want to call it. It is the fear mechanism of the ego self to give up its story, it wants to go on existing, since facing the unknowable and becoming it looks either too scary or too boring or whatever else we like to project onto the unknown.
Right now we are IN our next chance as collective humankind – and more and more promising waves are rising. Let’s jump into an ocean of conscious connection, loving awareness and true relating. Sounds good, eh? The price: You, dead or alive.
Good Luck!
Patrul Rinpoche as quoted by Sogyal Rinpoche : “First die and be really gone. Then do what you want.”

29 Aug (p em)
Today is about understanding that the truest truth doesn’t come really alive without love.
Honestly, reading that sentence again, that’s really all, but since I am writing the “Truth” article and have become rather used to the slow cool fire of truth consuming all my words into meaningless and helpfulness, both … I may add that Truth and Love can be with or without a love or truth object. When we have a truth or a love object, we’re in the experimental learning school called individual personal life. When there is no object, we’re totally free.
Both can and will be experienced while in the human form. Both are equally necessary and relevant. So let’s be aware of how we feel and respect feeling in ourselves and in others. It is feeling much more than thinking that guides us towards the empty heart. It is instinct more than feeling that guides us towards being. It is full blast empty awareness presence filled with formless truth that merges truth and love, meditation and feeling, male and female into who we are, by creating how we are in this moment. It’s a pleasure and an honour to be here and able to write. Let’s share the fun with love in truth.

2 Sep (i mi)
Discovering oneself in truth requires both: determination as an individual on the path and the ability to relate in equality. Almost all of us lose the natural sense of equality we had during childhood through being forced in puberty to identify as either male or female, needing to establish one or other of these as our new role. An utterly important and unavoidable process in order to establish our place in the world. When we’re not able to be an equal, we also cannot determine a sense of unification. We become isolated all-knowers, seeking and gaining self important positions. We may have profound knowledge and insight as lonesome sole performers of our isolated self to a crowd of listeners, who are preferably on a down slope in consciousness from us, so that we can pseudo-shine. Now, such listeners choose to be beggars, looking up to self imposed leaders. This perfect pairing keeps the world running in tracks of misery and keeps us in harness, in a play of either throwing crumbs off tables or collecting them from the floor. For happy relating and truly sharing our potential, we need to re-establish the innocent deeper knowing of childhood, when equality with others wasn’t a question or a barrier. By understanding and owning the inner female and male, by balancing the forces within, we will create an opening in our third eye. We will create a field of conscious exchange of life energy with one another, independent of what role we play in the game or on the stage of life.
Before we haven’t done our homework, attempts at apparent equality will be only “same-making”, fragile because polarised instead of naturally strong. Getting there takes guts. Truly overcoming the separating force, which was created by becoming “a woman” or “a man”, means giving up the control panel and opening the barriers that manage and protect our ego defence. The very good news is: it can be done while you relax in practising Tibetan Pulsing. There are other ways as well. This is the one I’ve come across and highly recommend.

BLESSING DAYS 5 – 7 Sep: By “you” committing may revelation of truth grace your path inside and out.

The organ relating to this cycle is the tongue

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  1. Enlightenment frees up / opens the jail door…of your conditioning…child trauma ..opinions beliefs, history, sense of self…enabling you to celebrate and dance your uniqueness connected to all the other forms, seen and unseen in Creations unfolding abundance…no judgements no comparisons, no good or bad…one dynamic family. Xx

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