6-20 Jan: Mother Love

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This cycle is about Mother. Motherly love is designed to be the closest to unconditional divine love, inherent in all of us.
How does our relationship with mum influence all – or most – of our life and the possibility of discovering the universal Goddess, the quality of unconditional love – right there, right within you. That is actually and truly what being a mother is about: unconditional love.

It seems to be difficult when we keep looking at how many times we’ve failed at unconditional love. Who manages it? And yet – we all have a sense of it and understand what it is. Moreover, we want it – from ‘the other’. We do not want our loved ones to judge us, to compare us or to expect anything from us, which we cannot give. Those are the qualities of a realised consciousness, a Buddha being: no judgement, no comparison, no expectation. When we fall into the serene place within, which represents this blissful art of being simply here and now, we are able to love life and the world. We are able to know that much needs to be better, still there is something inside that is better already!

Yet, most of our daily normal life time, we’re not quite aligned with our Buddha nature. That is when we begin to want such qualities from other people. There begins the game, the relationship game of learning love with an other until we become love. First an other makes us feel complete until we discover what is always and has always been complete already. When we begin to learn relating it is innocent, it’s a play of learning loving while living. When it’s intentionally installed for getting what we want, it becomes a mind game.
The difference which makes the play a game is a quality called manipulation. One of the main features of the frequency we’re looking into here.
We all learn it early in life. We learn Oh so quickly how to smile in this particular way, to which are returned the adorable waves of affection from mum and dad and everyone else. What starts with innocence, in exploring the world around us, will also become our orientation in binding others to us according to our needs and wishes.

Our journey of discovering true self will reveal in the end that it is caring for our loved ones, which leads to impersonal love. Anyone longing for a taste of “unconditional love”, go and be the sole carer for a small child, in case you haven’t had that experience yet. Make it a couple of days. The 24/7 attention paying to a little infant, their immediacy in needing something NOW, the unavoidable intensity of the sounds they make, which you may or may not “understand” but respond to; all that gives a taste of the direction we’re talking about, when it comes to loving surrender or unconditional love.
Through getting in touch with these qualities we develop the needed openness within ourselves that supports life energy to become love, using our individual form to spread it. Unconditional love from the universe flows our way always. It guides us to dissolve, at first into our mother, the Earth, then sharing with others, then beyond…

Now, here’s the WHAT TO WATCH
especially around the “shock points” (explained on the general page)

On 6th January
is what we call an “overlap shock point” from the last cycle. It’s the frequencies we met on 26 Dec:
When we’re very excited about something and clearly feel it should be ours, we often don’t know how to ask for it or avoid asking because of some kind of fear of not getting it. The more we want it, the more we’re willing to just sneak up on it and even steal it, because deep down it feels anyway so legitimately “ours.” The pattern can run with material, emotional or spiritual objects, with anything. The ambivalence of feeling like the natural possessor of something, while not having it, can make us leave traces as we attempt to sneak or steal. The subconscious documents our rightful possession for the price of being seen or caught in a system that thinks otherwise. Telling half truths about our feelings can be as much part of it as forgetting to tuck in the shirt that we just ‘forgot’ to take off in the store’s changing room, so that it shows under our jacket with a price tag on. What finds expression here is usually not so harmful and can be entertaining, yet deeper down it leaves you in a painful pit believing that you can never ask directly for what you really want and deserve. The invitation is to free up this energy by sobering to a straightforward asking instead of playing tricks.

On 8th January (smi)
This one is about sadness. As with all or most human experiences, there’s a natural way coming from the heart. The state we explore here is a conditioned feeling, coming from the mind program: “Sorry for being here, excuse me that I’m born and for being fallible” kind of attitude, which in the first place arises out of what you once heard about yourself, which left you feeling bad about yourself. When we internalise judgement of others, it causes self doubt. The signal inside is always one of contraction. It’s based on making us lose contact with our natural being. It can be dealt with by bringing loving awareness to this moment. Start by feeling the feet on the earth. Simple attention to what is now can reveal that whatever was once wrong, or missing, or not achieved, is actually not active in your life anymore. The fact that you’re here the way you are, IS the proof that you’re meant to be the way you are and that you’re great and beautiful.

11th January (yzem)
This might be a great day for watching movies or watching your dreams. It’s an enhanced energy for comprehension through (moving) pictures rather than words.
A space is amplified that invites you to tune your feelings to the pristine vastness of being, to the dance of the universe within and around you, to be consciously part of that dance in motion and in stillness, without terms or restrictions. In the free flow of consciously surrendering to letting life live you, the heart expands beyond our wildest dreams. In that let go love becomes compassion.
We may begin tuning into that by practicing a simple little service to a friend…

On 15th Jan (oun)
The energy waves today invite taking an intimate look at our relationship patterns. A quality called diplomacy is often our shield, behind which we hide our vulnerability and try to control what’s going on. Behind that, self neglect is hiding. We lose the sense of caring first for ourselves, which is needed in order to be able to properly take care of others.
Whenever you find yourself negotiating feelings and strategies about how you should “be treated by an other” – that’s your dharma bell to come to a halt and take a look within: what is it really that needs loving attention? It won’t matter if the negotiations are in an actual conversation or just in your head, which is where they may more often take place. Check it out.
When you identify that’s what is going on, simply be aware that love does not ask anything. Love loves. The moment you bend yourself that’s not love, that’s trying to get something or protect yourself from losing something that was never yours in the first place. By relaxing deeply into the energy of today, an oceanic expansion of pure loving affection can unfold from within. Love for no reason – spreading from the origin of yourself out to others.

On 17th January (odc)
Today invites us to watch our patterns around nearness and close contact. The need for nearness is often as strong as the fear of it. In real nearness, “you and I” disappear. That is great joy when we experience it for example in sexual orgasm. It is that disappearance we like so much. However, when the true merging of conscious meeting invites you to surrender your defenses and outlined definitions of “me and my story” in order for love to happen between you and your friends, your colleagues or even strangers on the street – then the ego switches on the alarm signals. You may feel like needing to avoid closeness because hurt was done to you in the past. As always, the reasons for that kind of protection are past stories. It happened once and therefore … you close off now, leave the room and slam the door shut on loved ones … we hold an aggressive potential, which justifies itself by wanting to avoid repeating the pain from the past.
The way out is to expose yourself to the truth that whatever effort you may put in, you cannot control life. In seeing this we can shiver and shake but still openly receive the surprises of NOW-HERE. The aggressive energy of avoidance transforms and relaxes into space opening. Love needs space. Unconditional love needs all the space that you already are.

On 19th, 20th and 21 January
are the blessing days with exactly individually tailored chances to clear our issues. It maybe eventful or uneventful. It will be exactly suitable and right for you the way you are right now.

The organ responding in the frequency is the small intestine.

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