20 Feb-6 March: Freedom

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Freedom “from” comes maybe first, or freedom “for”… Both are bound to circumstance or conditions. What freedom really is, is hard to say in words. In the end freedom is free of itself. The thirst for it, the quest and search for it is so attractive that we continue moving on in its undefinable direction. On this journey we overcome the obstacles, the definitions, the frictions, the resistance that makes freedom tangible as the opposite of something bound or dependent.
Have you ever thought about what resistance actually is or does in our nervous system? This Cycle of 16 days offers the opportunity to become aware of the relations between resistance and freedom.
The view into the nervous system through the lens of Tibetan Pulsing show it is a certain ability to resist and thus create a bit of friction that enables us every morning to remember “the story of me”, including our name and our to do list. It is actually a specific friction in the brain that is needed in order to remember who you were yesterday. Maybe you’ve noticed the moments before it happens, while waking up … when your senses have already awoken and (you) are hearing the birds … seeing that bit of sunlight dancing through the little gap between the curtains … feeling the body somehow … but nothing’s got a name or a label, yet… happily floating with senses being operational. Then suddenly something in your head says “I’ve gotta be somewhere and do a thing”… THAT’s when that frequency, which builds a resistance within the happy floating-one-with-all energy, creates enough friction in the brain for the you in You to remember itself and set off into your life story.

Nothing wrong, perfect little mechanism. First it sorts out “who are you today and what to do”, then it scans everything coming your way for its usefulness in either serving your personal exploration of life, your personal independent freedom or enabling you rather to resist what makes you dependent or keeps you from the means of fulfilling your wishes. That same frequency will go a long way to reach satisfaction, it may involve addictive usage of inspiring but unhealthy substances and it seduces anyone around into what it wants. It looks for friends, by making sure to meet people with the same opinion. Ultimately, it tries to resist death by creating a sense in us that the psycho-somatic operating mechanism called “I” (which is what I’ve called the you in You) would be needed to run life.
This goes for the sense of “I” operating as what is called Ego. The difference between “just I”-mechanism and Ego is the glue to the story that claims (your) life would exist in separateness. The funny thing is that this is so sad, it moves you towards a dead zone within the psyche, while – remember… waking up into operational senses and a present sense of body and thought … is easy. All that resisting fuels nothing but the final surrendering in the end and into the moment.

Each time we resist – anything – (from a place of seeking perfection for personal advantage) we will also suffer the pain of separation, which comes along with it. While when we align, embrace, integrate and let go of the polarised attitudes of rights and wrongs, the freedom to be what’s called our natural self opens in every moment. We’re still able to say NO, to serve a deeper Yes or just set a boundary. We’re still able to design our very individual travels on the path, but the effort that held us with weight to the ground lifts – and you’re finally able to spread your wings and fly, independent of circumstance. Free like a bird. Obliged to the universal laws like gravity, but free to be one with it all. In accordance with all, it becomes possible to fulfil our wildest dreams of freedom.


23 Feb (v mi)
Today the shockpoint energy may come along with a sad feeling about no-one listening to you and not being able to find out why. This may tell you that you protect too much of yourself from the people you’d like to be your friends, but friends only on your terms. That is when we want them to see us in a certain light and always show only one aspect of ourselves. When you find that you choose your company by pre-sorting their opinions to match with yours, you’ve lost the adventure spirit of spontaneous meetings, surprises and opportunities to widen your mind and heart by engaging in authentic encounters. Maybe you’re trying too hard to be seen and loved for what you do rather than for who you are. In this way, we lose the light that makes us shine and illuminates our uniqueness, which is always loveable exactly the way it is.
What it needs is a little straightening in the spine, maybe a slight turn from the trodden path of beliefs about yourselves towards an openness to become friends. The meeting we seek is not from the mind, it’s from the heart and that has room for different opinions or life styles.

24 Feb (r un)
Rrrr… rrr… rrr… resistance, whether conscious or unconscious, eventually leads to a strange kind of competition in the subconscious over what is my main problem, my biggest problem. It’s as though the problems develop a life of their own, fighting for centre stage, for attention in a spotlight that runs by your frustration. This happens when focus, direction and orientation are lost and the list of complaints about what is missing or wrong in your life is longer than the out breath while you talk about it. … rrrrrrrr… that rattles.
This utterly unsatisfying and rather confusing state comes into being out of a sense of protecting one’s personal freedom by keeping away from anything which looks remotely like dependency. The fear of being “dependent” keeps us away from engaging in things which need focus or commitment, which are mistaken as being the enemies of personal freedom. The funny thing is that these are the very qualities to get us out of the strange mess. Giving it a try is the suggestion here, by no means believe anything. Try it out and see.

1 March (r dc)
The shockpoint energy of this day sounds promising: having the power to fulfill your wishes. We sure all want that, don’t we. It is possible by moving in accordance with the whole, moving with life the way it moves you. What’s in the way of it is the same mechanism described above: resisting what is and wanting something that isn’t. Now, if that sounds too esoteric and you argue: “who can want the world as it is right now?”, let yourself know – only for experiment sake – it is possible just for once, for this moment, to go deeper than personal preferences and liking.
You’re not supposed to “like” (whatever is going on or not), you’re supposed to see it all, to embrace it as “THIS ALSO IS PART OF BEING”, to embrace it as part of life. When we’re busy wanting differently, we’re separate – from each other, from life and God, and also from the fulfillment when it actually comes our way. Resisting for the want of other circumstances makes us overlook what’s closest and in front of our nose.
That wish fulfilling power works – when it is aligned to the totality of possibilities called life.

2 March (c em)
The following day vibrates a little extra energy for wonderful ideas about how relating and relationship should be. Some of us can really elaborate on this in charming conversations over a cuppa or a drink. And while that might be fun for some time, the real and deep wish to be connected and to meet closely easily gets clad in an amour of intellectual brilliance and relevance with words. And we miss that which makes in fact relating work: the heart. For a natural heart connection we need to be vulnerable, which we often resist for fear of having our so called self-image altered by merging too deeply with one another or by giving up the hierarchies of the working world for equality. This one needs a shift from the head to the heart, then the brilliance and understanding of relating will serve love and compassion.

6 March (w mi) is an overlap from the next upcoming cycle.
This energy brings an invitation for courage: overcoming “Right & Wrongs”. We’re all filled with that. We’ve all been told so many “right & wrongs” that some or maybe most of it has become our normal. Whether it roots in moral, social or religious context, whether it comes along looking ‘legitimate’ or ‘justified’ – and it often is – it creates a trap too easy to step into: the trap is identification with righteousness.
It becomes a concept which we get stuck in, feeling convinced by our own explanations of how life should be. Since this is polarised, it creates separation. Whether your pick of “right or wrong” is useful, ethical or just – when it comes from an identified part of your mind, it will always leave you unsatisfied, somewhat stuck and feeling rather disconnected.
Usually all the right-n-wrong-rules are supposedly serving order to keep us safe and secure. Many of those rules may actually work. It’s not that the ideas are wrong – it’s how we PRE-install them in a way that stops our natural energy from flowing.
When you manage to stay available to the moment, when you allow life to take you on its shoulders rather than the other way round – you’ll find that you’re perfectly capable of responding to what’s in front of you. You don’t need a catalogue of “right-doings” installed as a control tool. When you make a mistake, life will show that to you and you’ll see it sooner or later, when you respond in synchronicity with God’s plan, you’ll feel that, too.
In this moment, while writing, I hear the outcry of young parents’ voices in my inner ear – YES! the kids need protection and guidance. Sure thing. This rather concerns practical matters. What they don’t need is conceptual moral, ethical, spiritual theories on how to be. They ARE their own “how” since they’re born. They will learn to form that within the world of forms around them. Grown Ups’ job is to protect them from harm, but not to create imaginary harms in our minds and limit them from exploring by crushing their energy into “rights & wrongs” about stuff they haven’t even met yet.
Just imagine … there’s no heaven … above us only sky … living life in peace as who we are, how we are. It’s possible and we can!

The organ resonating with the current cycle is the gallbladder

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