7. – 22. Oct: Deep Relaxation

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Deep relaxation is possible. Finally. And in this; living a life filled with joy for no reason. It starts within. It starts by seeing and recognising the causes of stress in our nervous system. We’ve learned that stress is the main cause for many physical and mental health problems. It happens in the body, in the mind and in the psyche and it affects the ability of our organs to work as a whole healthy organism. When we don’t do anything about it, stress burns us out. Looking into this article may help to prevent burn-out.

It may sound funny or far fetched, but we need to begin the transformation of stress by investigating our control mechanisms. In fact, letting go of being in control and simply being aware, having an open mind without judgment, puts an end to the unhealthy consequences of stress by disempowering the beliefs it’s built on.
For most of us, giving up control is one of the scariest things. Why? – Well, there are probably many complex answers to this. One is that we have been conditioned to define our personal self by definitions and values other people have invented about us, and around us. That goes for the influence of close family relations as well as for the collective mind of society. It affects us in our deepest intimate privacy, how others may think about or judge us. This conditioning becomes our orientation, long before we are even old enough to question the people or the institutions who invented it.
We develop what is called conscience, which is filled with other people’s ideas. Until we are directly in contact with the source of truth inside, we will look to the information we get from outside and define ourselves by that.

Since all conditioned behaviours are rather unnatural we’re always in trouble: trying to keep control of our actions, our public appearance and our inner secrets. As most of us grow up in this way, a fear of the terrible things that might happen when we give up control develops, alongside the conscience itself.
The whole “story of me” is in danger, when we give up control – just imagine … Will you maybe sing and dance barefoot in the streets? Or revolt against the establishment, or say what you honestly mean?!
The fear of giving up control is deeply imprinted. It starts with potty training, which has connected it directly with public shame since we were very little.

We’ve grown up by now and can take a risk! Let’s see what happens when we are willing to give up control. Just the very idea provokes a sense of relaxation, doesn’t it?! …
Not to have to be in charge, how relaxing does that feel! Deeper than our fear of failing to fulfil the conditioned reactions is engraved a memory of floating in a salt water bubble and being taken care of. The nine months in the womb are mostly a state of utter relaxation with everything provided. Then suddenly a pressure and a pushing sets in and we’re squeezed out of paradise. The experience of having to leave the salt water bubble and become a breathing animal on dry land also creates a sense of needing to be “in charge” and not being taken care of, regardless, any more. We all need to go through that necessary shock in order to develop further. That does not mean the relaxation and the principle laws of the salt water bubble experience have to end. It just needs to change gestalt.

We are mainly made of water. We are conceived and begin to develop into a form in a water bubble. These spherical bladders are flexible and receptive to sound and vibration. The cell formation that will one day become “you” even communicates from the womb through vibrational ‘telepathy’ – electrical sound signals, which the mother animal’s brain can decode, interpret and respond to in perfect fulfilment of your needs.
Our brains are trained in and very capable of listening to and interpreting vibrations and sound. When we pay attention to feeling, we operate like water, taking the form of the container it flows into. What is needed in order to be able to hear what the universe has to tell, or how the beloved friend next to you really feels, is to fully relax the doer and the better knower, in short, letting go of control.

Telepathy is something like allowing a relaxed mind to swim in an ocean of shared consciousness, without limits and borders. Mutual understanding and communion happen naturally in deeply relaxed states.
Relaxation and control are kind of polar opposites. You cannot have them “together”. Simple moments of relaxation, with your legs up and a cup of tea – or whatever is your fave – help us encounter a taste of life without control, without being in charge. On deeper levels, it gets a bit more tricky. Since the ego’s glue is identification and control is its driver, there will be all sorts of alarms going off inside, signalling that in certain contexts you have to be in charge, you have to do and decide. Looking from the outside, it might well look like it – and no-one is suggesting here that you lose your marbles or your ability to discern wisely, by giving up control. You will need to experience it, without knowing exactly what will be the outcome!

Only when looking from the inside out, will you be able to tell the difference. Are you coming from control or from a natural momentary impulse. The difference is not necessarily visible from the outside. But you will know. Check your feeling. Control will separate you and actually causes pain that needs to be compensated by snobby games of superiority and rejection, of exclusion of certain “others”. Just to illustrate this, so we can identify it and use it as a wakeup call next time it happens, it is stuff like being for or against other people, ethnic groups, cultures and/or simply personal opinions or actions. When you’re controlling, you will collide with some or all of the above. From a relaxed open state, you can distinguish the false from the true, the real from the phoney and you’ll be able to leave others with their development without needing to hate them or tell them what to do.
Love is, after all, also some kind of spherical bubble that holds us all and connects us and unites us as agents and supporters of consciousness reaching to the light.

7 Oct (h un / k mi overlap)
TWO enhanced energy waves (we call them shock points) today
Part 1
Have you noticed that actual fear is much less difficult to process and deal with than anticipated fear? Anticipated fear is a number 1 cause of stress. It is unnecessary, but every mind loves to do it. To project and anticipate something huge and overwhelming coming towards you in the future. That future may be just an imagined minute away or a few years (what shall I do when he/she rings the door bell now? / will my pension feed me in 25 years? ) … anything NOT NOW to worry about will serve this trick that gets you all upset and separate from the whole and others.
With anticipated fear we’re painfully in our own way. The wake up call ringing inside is called exhaustion and stress. When you identify these, or one of them, take a good look into the task ahead and what it really truly is about.
The self-belief “I can’t” has a hypnotic quality to it. The bigger the task looks, the more the mind will produce convincing feelings to support the self-created story of “believing that we/I cannot handle this”. The trap is the preconditioned beliefs deriving from the blame and shame conditioning of our cultural and social background. Then you won’t begin to do what you love because you believe you don’t have what it takes or that you are simply missing the credentials.
OK – some doors in society may be locked as long as the larger part of our community of humans believes in the stamp on the paper, but … there’s every possibility you can find your niche, your personal way of expression, your way of doing things differently. Just keep the energy flowing, keep feeling inside and don’t be impressed by the size of a task. In this moment, it can only be one thing at a time.

Part 2 (k mi, overlap from the former cycle)
Today we have also a chance to meet and transform the part inside, which makes us smaller than we are and continue to be a little peg on the big wheel; trying to protect oneself from assaults and growing more and more frustrated about the meaning of one’s existence. Our need for being part of society has invented various ways to protect our public life. Things like qualifications, certificates, degrees and position. Nothing wrong with any of that as long as it stays in its box, being a tool to reflect to you where you’re at and what is still to be learned. However, usually, everyone agrees that we have to have such qualification documents, while these things are used to establish superiority/ inferiority power games. When the mind relies on what is stated in the certificate from 25 years ago, and believes that to be meaningful, you have moved far away from actually being able to meet and heal yourself or others. Demonstrating that you work the hardest won’t really protect you or give you the gratification of getting your money’s worth. Quite the opposite. What it needs is turning your attention (back) to the real values, those which set you up to look for truth and love. Take a deep breath and allow the denied parts inside to step forward, letting you know what the actual needs and talents really are. Tuning your listening to that, which serves your flowering rather than the accomplishment of your position in the world.

11 Oct ( S em)
Today is about being totally fed up – then coming through the negative experiences and having truly enough – or … being so relaxed that you simply know that whatever is needed will be coming to you.
The first has to go through the steps of experiencing often enough the emotional triggers of keeping a record that all possible ways have been tried. But enough is enough. When you reach to that point you will feel a sense of safety with yourself. It enables you to remember, to know more deeply, that after all everything that is really needed will come to you. If it had ever been been otherwise, you would not be here right now.
How often we have to exhaust our instinct, our intuition and our cleverness depends on the individual type. Some of us ‘have enough of it’ rather quickly, others need a few more tries. That is not really meaningful. What counts is that we realise when it’s time to sit down and relax all strategies for getting what we want and trust that life will offer what is really needed.
We will also discover through that process healthy boundaries and a sense of self-service that isn’t selfish. It will not separate and exclude but simply know when it is alone time and when it’s mingling time with others, feeling safe and sound either way, relaxed in knowing that life does take care of so many trees and birds and animals, it will take care of you, too.

18 Oct (l mi / h dc / h un)
THIS is a TRIPLET! Three shock points in one day. A rare opportunity to transform a lot in a short time. Brace yourself for a wild wave
Part 1 (l mi)
Uuuh-lalah. The shock point energy today not only comes in three times with different themes; they’re potentially triggering and/or humbling stuff to look into. Whichever point of view you may prefer, it’s suggested to take all angles, the one of ‘persecutor/doer’, as well as the one of ‘victim/done-to’ and allow all of it to be also part of who you are – even if you’re convinced “I never behave like that” … There’s always possible a deeper surprise revelation, often one which makes us crack up in heaps of laughter! Whenever I’ve gone to the rock bottom of the drama, it has become comical!
O.K. this said, let’s get to the “mum-stuff”. Yes, that’s what it is about, a version of the “mum” stuff. She deserved a kind of prequel intro, didn’t she? However many facets she may have, the energy to look into today is the feminine (be-)mothering in all of us, becoming absolutely righteous. Telling clever things to others, knowing better (with proof, hah!) and so forth. Making the people on the receptive end feel like they are being attacked from behind and above with a power only “mum” can control.
This kind of female superiority, playing out in dominating ways, is usually rooted in a lot of pain of rejection of her natural, delightful energy and a loss of ability to stay receptive to life’s toning and tuning. Not only have we lost the tune of the song of life, we also forgot the steps of the dance. Then all the energy goes into rightfully arguing. The way out of the dilemma? R E L A X and feel. Remembering the natural flow that comes from listening in to your own inner centre. You need to be the first to appreciate you. That is what makes you shine.

Part 2 (h dc)
In a way this second shock point hangs in with the first one. It is about feeling absolutely helpless and powerless, imprisoned in conforming with the rules and regulations of someone you’re (feeling) dependent on. The classical scheme would be mum’s ideas about how you have to be and behave, while you can’t leave her household (yet) and start your own life. The pattern however may travel with you for life and be re-installed in all kinds of relationship, whether appropriate or not. We slip into such patterns habitually and don’t even notice that we are no longer dependent.
There is a possibility that the powerlessness and helplessness is real. If it is, and you acknowledge that, it won’t be a difficult collision, it won’t cause suffering. Simply experiencing being helpless in the moment isn’t a problem, it is simply a human experience.
And, there’s every possibility of a ‘self-installed’ victimising habit, which isn’t real. When you suffer and feel fogged in the brain, the latter would be the case. If you’ve ever agreed with being ‘bad’ and not forgiven yourself, that feeds the need to stay stuck in such habits of denying one’s personal power and possibilities for action.
Getting out of the fogged and back to the real isn’t all that difficult. Start focusing on the closest, nearest little beautiful thing around you and give it all your attention, all meaning 100%. Look at a flower or a picture in your room. If nothing else is available, try looking into the inside of your own hand with the curiosity of the first time. That is to say: leave the huge mourning about your helplessness, and blaming what caused it, by coming into the this moment. HURRAH!

Part 3 (h un – repeating 7 Oct Part 1, scroll up)

22 Oct (s em; repeats 11 Oct)

The blessing days are around 21-23 Oct. CHILL instead of THRILL – have a very relaxed time!
The organ related to the cycle is the bladder

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