23 Nov – 6 Dec: Buddhas in the Marketplace

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Buddhas in the Marketplace’ – The tranquility of being who you are and how you are. This includes all spiritual and material aspects of your life without judgement, comparison or expectation. You can R E L A X.
No-one can be more than a simple human being and no-one is ever less than the divine itself. This message vibrates during this cycle. The picture may remind you of the relaxation that comes with walking in the green grass meeting the blue sky, letting go of worries just for this moment. When you switch into real listening and pair that with the willingness to truly relax, you may hear God, or life or the divine or whatever you prefer to call it, talk to you.

And what does the cow have to do with it? Simple: she is also an expression of the frequency that occurs between Father Sun and Mother Earth in this cycle. In Tibetan Pulsing this frequency is sometimes called “the Buddha channel”. That sounds almost too mysterious and exclusive for something as simple as being you the way you are. Evaluating your being, your attributes as they occur in an ever growing openness of consciousness expanding into the vastness of this moment. Try it. You don’t need to know ‘how’. Just relax … and watch …

Slow down and don’t worry” is the headline. People like to smoke THC to experience this, yet the pleasurable support of substances always contains the downside that it does not take away the one who uses the substance. After I was introduced to Meditation and methods like Tibetan Pulsing, I realised that smoking was kind of like putting a bird into an aircraft to make it fly. What we like about it is actually a natural space and state available directly in our nervous systems: to be tranquil, to plunge into networking with the divine and still meet the requirements of the material world and daily life. It’s possible, as it happens and with the best of our abilities. Aware, awake, available. Tuning in with the presence of a cow helps to learn it, as strange and funny as that may sound. Reggae music puts the sound and rhythm into the system that activates these qualities.

When we relax and keep the mind calm and free of judgement, we naturally become aware of the beauty that surrounds us, we feel respect for life and other beings. Evaluation with the measure tape of conceptual thinking is what makes us unhappy, to the extent that we become hostile about being unable to simply live the way we are. It is judgement, comparison and expectation that automatically make our life into hell, whether that’s directed towards the outside or the inside.
Just imagine, just for this moment: the truth is that you are o.k. the way you are! No adjustments are needed, no spiritual achievements or other improvements. You are o.k. Let that sink in. Relax… let it reach into the cells, confirming the relaxation that comes with truth, feeling it. When you are o.k. the way you are – so is everyone else. How’s that for an immediate peace treaty concerning your best hated enemies? ! From this deep tranquil state emerges inner guidance. There will naturally be wisdom of discernment, which comes on its own accord when truth has space, when love is invited to be you.

The daily life ‘To Dos’ are the most common excuse for not relaxing, for going on running, doing, texting, being busy making money or being busy playing with it when you have enough or more than enough, all in the name of “Keeping going”. What we lose over time with such a life style is our light. We stop shining. We become kind of grumpy, because the beauty within, the truth, the perfection of who and how you are can only occur as a clear realisation when you slow down, when you drop deeper into relaxation than an occasional coffee break between phases of being busy. The world is certainly running at a crazy speed, so is the mind. When you dare to resist that, and sometimes you simply do not attend to certain activities, you’ll quickly find that it all still works fine in its very own way. You’re not as needed as you thought! Lots of what we got hooked up with and call “duty, obligation or necessity” is just an excuse to avoid silence, beginning with slowing down … breathing out … Oooohhhhh Keyi.

O.K. – let’s see WHAT TO WATCH

26 Nov (K dc, will repeat on 7 Dec, first day of next cycle)
Today the background frequency supports us in seeing the part in us that holds on to worry and anxiety. This is one of the mind’s most loved games. It ensures the sense of separateness of your existence. Separateness creates the sense of ego, at the price of losing connectedness and the natural truth of oneness. Let’s see if there’s a better deal!:)
It’s a bit of a challenge because the suffering that I’ve described here often roots in beliefs about what is right and what is expected of you. Doing what’s expected rather than connecting within yourself and bringing your inner centres into alignment can lead to selling out your life’s energy. “Sex for money” has many variations to it; one of these is to function in the ‘right’, proper and expected way within a relational context, in order to secure one’s material safety. The exploitation is then not through “the other” alone, it is you selling your life energy in exchange for being seen in ‘right’ action and dutiful contribution to the needs of others. This shameful and painful state needs liberation. The best way to go is inside, asking yourself “What do I really want?” You may like to invite a friend to hold a torch for you during that exploration or you can be supported to relax with some Tibetan Pulsing. The beauty and magic of this is that it can address and discharge exactly the matching zones in the nervous system.

27 Nov (V em)
The energy that gets amplified today, and therefore more visible on the display of our inner world, I call “the pretending game”. It roots in the fear of not getting what we need and in our sense of lack or missing something (now known as FOMO). From there the psyche develops two ways of compensating, which play with each other perfectly well. One version is the pretend giver, the other the pretend wanter. Deep down both feel a lack, an emptiness, a sense of unfulfillment. Both try to fill the hole either by offering something they do not really have, making it look like something big and valuable – that’s called a charlatan – or by pretending to need what’s offered – that’s called a ‘false beggar’. Feeling important in such a role covers up the pain of missing something; for a while. Of course the giver type can’t play without receivers, admirers. They pretends to really need what the big chief, the charismatic leader or other important persons have to give. Fake guidance with half truths (worse than lies) and false begging are the outcome. This game distorts our emotions. We will not experience any real connection, friendship or nearness. Trying the miracle pills, the instant enlightenment techniques and the otherworldly cures for illness is useful for learning what works and what doesn’t. There is an easy and lovely way to explore relaxing into an inner void of unexplainable need: ask a friend to simply hold your hand. Sitting together, feeling, holding hands works wonders.

30 Nov (K un, repeats the frequency from the last day of the former cycle, 22 Nov)
The shock point energy today opens the gates to improving our value system, our cash flow and our direct lines to guidance by keeping a tranquil and relaxed state inside. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It is! 
For those of us who have everything in the material world and now are only seeking to fill that last strange hole inside, meditation is the best recommendation.
For many others among us who need to keep the cash flowing in the material and put lots of energy into covering the bills or making ends meet, meditation is equally important, with this extra aspect to consider: it will not take care of your cash or your other admin stuff. Being materially rich may have the advantage of being able to fully engage in nothing other than what looks important on the spiritual journey, when that’s your interest. Being less rich has the advantage of engaging in both, the world and the spirit; the games we have to play in order to survive, to adjust and integrate in society and the freedom to rise above the effort we put into evaluating the mundane as lesser than the spiritual. Being in the world but not of the world is one of the gifts awaiting us during this cycle. 

1 Dec (p mi)
This is ‘Soulmate Day’. I’ve heard a wise man (Osho) say: if you want to meet your soul mate, first you have got to develop your soul. With this, he was pointing in the direction of being together with an other as complete individuals rather than from neediness. In order to fully embrace and acknowledge our own true nature, in order to develop self-respect and worthiness – which is what this whole cycle is about – we need to understand that no-one else can make us whole, despite our most convincing feelings of being completed by the presence of the loved partner. No one can really truly be completed by someone else in their uniqueness. We learn love through being with one another until we love ourselves, regardless, and finally become love. Then it is fun to relate with the other. In this particular frequency the sense of being one with the other can develop so strongly that one feels there’s not even a need to be together because the perception and the heart are so deeply in sync. When you’re out of sync, check how many legs are you standing on in the relationship? Are you together on 2 legs, or on 3 legs or on all 4 legs – which also bears the possibility of both people being free to go wherever they like to. Love will let the other be free, putting that above the wish to have them physically around. Good luck to us all!

May the BLESSING DAYS approx. 5 – 7 Dec make you (feel) rich inside and out!
The organ related to this frequency is the Duodenum

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