7 – 21 Dec: Igniting the inbuilt Light

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We are creatures of light. This is literally true. We are made of it. A new human is conceived when a sperm succeeds in reaching its destination, wins the race and merges with an egg. In this merging a flash of light occurs. Each and every one of our cells carries the message of being light, and of producing and reproducing light energy. In seeing this, just tune in and actually remember your light origin. In its origin our true nature reveals itself as pure light, with nothing to achieve; it’s simply what we’re made of. And that’s also true when we’re dark, dull and daft at certain moments.

Usually we think of the life spending organs – the ovaries in the woman and the testes in the man – as a reproduction device for new life, other life, our offspring. But they are more than that. The frequency that emanates from these organs is also recreating our own life energy. It produces vitality. Intrinsic within the experience of vitality is the wish to reproduce, which turns out to be an act of great pleasure. This is actually a little trick installed by Mother Nature, in order to secure the continuation of this precious human race, our gene-pool. Since we have personal freedom of choice, we need the convincing force of these really great feelings to keep us doing it, to continue reproduction. That’s why sex is so much fun. Otherwise, too many of us might just have indulged in living, without having to look after these high maintenance offspring for about a third of one’s life span.

Not only do we have the personal freedom of choice to reproduce or simply enjoy the pleasures of sexuality, we are so far the only known species that is equipped to raise their energy levels higher. This affects body, mind and spirit. Ultimately, the realisation that our source is truth, as an expression of light descending into the world as love, is intrinsic in every one of our cells.By listening carefully and consciously we can become aware of this – from within.

Incarnation is offering pure consciousness a chance to self-realise as light. Before, during and after an incarnation we are one with all. In order to realise that oneness, we need to split off into the pretended separation of a personal self that wanders about through darkness, so it gets interested in the light and rejoins its own source (also called “THE Self”). That which searches was never actually separate or lost. It simply believes that to be the case. What a magnificent joke. In learning to raise our energy levels and utilise our vitality to serve growth of consciousness, we reach an opening to realising who we truly are. Tibetan Pulsing assists that exquisitely and effectively.

Now, that all sounds rather enchanting, doesn’t it! And it resides as a frequency within our nervous system, waiting to be activated by awareness. It is represented by the organs of the ovaries and the testes. It’s our very own energy company, producing vitality and light. Since the whole thing operates electrically, it’s the way we are polarised that determines whether we are able to use this equipment in support of healthy living, which makes us rise and shine, or we end up directing the energy downwards. What that looks and feels like is somewhat illustrated in the “WHAT TO WATCH” below.
As with everything else there is no hundred percent recipe that fits all, because we’re all unique. You will need to tune in and fine tune yourself to get in touch and listen to the sound of light within. Once again listening, being attentive to your inner song, will make you aware of the ‘light factory’ within. One thing is certain: this frequency loves to dance and sing and share that with others… La la la la la la la la…

WHAT TO WATCH in this cycle

7 Dec (k dc, repeats 26 Nov of former cycle)
Today the background frequency supports us in seeing the part in us that holds on to worry and anxiety. This is one of the mind’s most loved games. It ensures the sense of separateness of your existence. Separateness creates the sense of ego, at the price of losing connectedness and the natural truth of oneness. Let’s see if there’s a better deal!:)
It’s a bit of a challenge because the suffering that I’ve described here often roots in beliefs about what is right and what is expected of you. Doing what’s expected rather than connecting within yourself and bringing your inner centres into alignment can lead to selling out your life’s energy. “Sex for money” has many variations to it; one of these is to function in the ‘right’, proper and expected way within a relational context, in order to secure one’s material safety. The exploitation is then not through “the other” alone, it is you selling your life energy in exchange for being seen in ‘right’ action and dutiful contribution to the needs of others. This shameful and painful state needs liberation. The best way to go is inside, asking yourself “What do I really want?” You may like to invite a friend to hold a torch for you during that exploration or you can be supported to relax with some Tibetan Pulsing. The beauty and magic of this is that it can address and discharge exactly the matching zones in the nervous system.

8 Dec (l un)
Today is about a habitual orientation in the negative opinions others may have about us. The fear of being laughed at or being called stupid is made entirely out of conditioned concepts, which other people have put into our heads. Thus, completely irrelevant and unnecessary. But we’re all familiar with it and tend to suffer from it. Being ridiculed in front of others or put down in any way is one of the biggest fears for many people. It is one of the main forces that drive our energy down. So in order to keep humans neatly under control, various institutions have told us that we’re basically not worth a thing. The tricky part is that the story of that kind of suffering feels so convincing and is so known inside that we identify it as being our normal. We need a certain amount of that kind of sad suffering before we are willing to give it up.
Once you’re willing, it isn’t very difficult! One look inside, with loving eyes and open ears … and you can simply see, feel and hear your own beauty vibrating. There is nothing, there never has been, to hide or to be ashamed of. And, in case you need some help with this, turn to a friend and hold a hand or pulse together.

11 Dec (l dc)
Today’s energy offers an opportunity to understand the meaning of “sit and wait” or “wait and see”. When you’ve put effort into discovery to the extent of becoming really serious, after you’ve tried and done your various practices (intended to achieve certain spiritual goals), at some point you will find yourself between the truth and your wishes about the truth.
That is the moment to sit down and do nothing. Be awake, aware, available, knowing that you hold and contain the truth and you still have these personal wishes about it. Be still … and eventually know …relax and receive. Let it come to you rather than you trying to figure it out. There are many great surprises when the last battle between the subjective and the objective is also allowed to come to rest. Light Love Laughter.

12 Dec (q mi)
This shock point today can express as a bright celebration with friend and (ex) foe or … the agony of separating forces, jealousy and intrigues. No-one actually wants the latter. One wonders why it is around at all. We are invited to give up some illusions, especially to do with relating and possessiveness in relationship. When love meets love in the moment there will never be a problem. When we think of belonging and develop a sense of possession and demand, painful separating forces will pull the energy down and turn what began as love into some kind of deal. Love needs space, in fact love is space.
This moment is the limitless expansion of consciousness in space. Love exists only in this moment! Have you ever tried to be very excited about the love that once was in the past? Or how would you like it when the desired new partner tells you that maybe in the future they might love you? Both are uninteresting. Love is now-here. No expiry date and no guarantees.
It’s a pulsating flow. In Tibetan Pulsing it’s used as a kind of liquid sound system to harmonise the frequencies within. Our job is to flow with it, not to grab it, not to possess it. Its main fascinating quality is that love grows and multiplies the more it is shared. Rather than losing someone, we gain blessings of light when we share naturally with others.
Admittedly it doesn’t always come easy as we will have to peel through the layers of possessiveness and control, ultimately meeting our fear. But with our inner song intact, step by step, this dance of relating becomes a symphony of love.

14 Dec (w em)
What do you do when all is wrong but you need to feel that you and your circumstances are right? Well, apart from it not being possible, it is perceived as a rather uncomfortable state and we need to do something about it, right? Wrong! What it needs is to relax with an open mind. This might enable us to really see what is actually going on. To understand how you and circumstances and the rest of the world hang together. In our selfish blindness, we protect personal comfort zones and ideas as well as circumstances and things. We become possessive in the material and short-sighted in the spiritual. Then the mind begins to negotiate and tries to make a bargain out of what once was an opening into a dream fulfilling journey. Out of a sense of avoiding personal crisis, we develop tricks to achieve our desired goals. Offering others one’s most ego fulfilling assets and by that hoping to achieve one’s own material or spiritual goals is the technique. This is juggling with life. For a little while it may look as though this works, but one thing is certain, when you juggle with life, the day comes when life juggles you. Then be ready to reset to your natural source and be willing to rest in it. Truth and light then have a chance to reveal.

19 Dec (l un) repeats 8 Dec, scroll up

21 Dec (mn un) overlap of the upcoming next cycle
When we’re very excited about something and clearly feel it should be ours, we often don’t know how to ask for it or avoid asking because of some kind of fear of not getting it. The more we want it, the more we’re willing to just sneak up on it and even steal it, because deep down it feels anyway so legitimately “ours.” The pattern can run with material, emotional or spiritual objects, with anything. The ambivalence of feeling like the natural possessor of something wile not having it, can make us leave traces as we attempt to sneak or steal. The subconscious documents our rightful possession for the price of being seen or caught in a system that thinks otherwise. Telling half truths about our feelings can be as much part of it as forgetting to tuck in the shirt that we just ‘forgot’ to take off in the store’s changing room, which makes it show under our jacket, with a price tag on. What finds expression here is usually lesser harmful and can be entertaining, yet deeper down it leaves you in a painful pit believing that you can never ask straight for what you really want and deserve. Freeing up this energy by sobering to a straightforward asking instead of playing tricks is the invitation.

The blessing days of the cycle 20 – 22 Dec bring the winter solstice, the deepest longest night before the return of the light. May all beings on this beautiful planet be blessed, may we move towards love and light.

The organ resonating with the frequency of the cycle is the ovaries/testes

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