5 – 19 Feb: Joy of Being

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The Great Swan – in Sanskrit called the PARAMHANSA, is one of the symbols for enlightened consciousness on its flight. The swan is equally at home on land and on water; similarly, a realised being is equally at home in the realms of matter and of spirit. To be in divine ecstasy and simultaneously to be actively wakeful; this is the consciousness of the frequency that vibrates in the background throughout this cycle. We experience this frequency through our lungs. Breathing in and breathing out keeps us connected with both, matter and spirit. Remarkably, breathing can be both conscious or unconscious. Each conscious breath holds the joy of being alive.

Pure joy is taking up wings by breathing in air. It can give a taste and feeling of this being the greatest nectar, which it actually is. There is a sense of expansion and relaxation that comes along with it, when we take a deep breath. Under pressure of any kind, however, we lose that sense of expansion and relaxation and with it the deeper knowing that everything is possible. Under pressure we become narrow minded.

This cycle is about the air we breathe, the life we share and the possibility of it being a cheerful event of light beings celebrating existence. HOW? – despite and within all that’s going in the world right now.
Yes, there is limitation on expanding into the joy of being, when we judge circumstances and orientate in that judement. Now, this is a little tricky to understand, because I am not inviting you to ignore what’s going on around you. I invite looking deeper than circumstance, into the ease of that which is alive and conscious in the moment, breathing under all circumstances. It has always been so, with some gradual differences in what we perceive as preferences, as better or worse. These are simply movements on the scale, the balance of our measurement and judgment.

Every so often we will notice a timeless gap moment: between the up and down of our rib cage moving with the breath, in the changing of the tides, the change of day and night … there’s this distinct opening into NOW-HERE, where time stands still while you are present. Especially in hard and turbulent times, we tend to overlook the opportunity to simply feel ourselves as joy-bliss-presence for no reason in the world. It’s as if pressure from the outside isn’t enough, we add to it by narrowing inside and reducing our focus to problems, until we can’t see anything else any more. The worse it gets, the more we seem to find people to agree with our complaints. In this state we cannot feel any sense of connectedness any more, even when we share. So, all the lamenting is not even giving us the nice social experience we seek. It’s just noise.
And again, I am not suggesting we turn a blind eye to the state of the world. I am suggesting that by noticing it all, beyond the usual noise of polarised judgment, wisdom of discernment becomes possible. That enables us to see clearly, while not losing the expansion into joy-bliss-presence here and now.
Then what used to be noisy problem complaints to others may take up a real voice that is heard.

When you’re ready for a little experiment, try this: Simply breathe. You’re doing it anyway, do it a few times with awareness. Right now. In…and out… and in…and out … Just for this moment, it will focus you to this Now. And in this, the historical and the hysterical facts and circumstances lose their power and meaning. In other words, we’re losing our stories – instead, just by being here, doing nothing in particular, you fill up with joy. It’s intrinsic. It’s part of being alive. You’re alive and sharing that joy with many others who like you have that same capacity to fill up with joy for no reason.
This is letting go of trying to save the world or trying to agree with other minds and re-connecting with your own true source of joy, which is everyone else’s source too! Somewhere there around your heart is that little sparkle of light which bursts into cascades of light spreading into your every cell the moment you give it some space, the moment you let it be.
The problem solving, helping others, legitimate protest and solution finding can all happen now. It all works smoothly and much easier from a joy-full you.


5 Feb (a em, overlap last cycle)
Today’s shock point energy invites noticing our issues with anger. In order to bring about clearance, we need to identify old habits. On this day, the focus of the shock point energy is on justifying anger and its expression, because we firmly believe we know better (than anyone else).
At the same time we keep accusing others of being responsible for whatever goes wrong. This mechanism is mainly projected by the feminine side of our consciousness toward and against the masculine. The two poles – masculine, feminine – occur in our nervous system, independent of gender. This is not biological, it is a psychological pattern in human nature. In taking a closer look, you will find that there is only something like “justified anger, which I have a right to express”, as long as we hold on to the story around the anger.
The job is to feel what is going on inside. To notice the energy within. Anger usually resides in the belly and is in itself an elemental fire energy, nothing wrong with that. When mind attaches a story to this energy and holds on to it, the fire gets out of control. It either burns too hot or it burns up your own field of expanding into life and relations. Consciously feeling the energy can open us up to transformation. In that awareness, you will see that by insisting on righteousness, you’ve separated yourself and lost connection. By consciously being the fire within, without a story, the heat of angry expression transforms into a warm and gentle flow of strength, loving awareness and sharing.

7 Feb (u mi)
Want to make your dreams come true? Nothing wrong with that … On this day the shock point energy either confuses the means with the goal and distracts you into wanting too much at once. Or it enables you to clearly see what is important and what is not. Breathing deeply, slowing down, being aware and available is much more likely to be what gets you “there”; rather than running and grasping – whatever your goals are. Why not try the full stop in awareness and check out HERE right NOW.
Innocence, childlike joy is really what you’re looking for and that hasn’t gone away. It’s right here within, it reveals itself in a clear space in the middle of the moment … It’s always yours, has always been. No need to over-excite, run around and keep on searching. Fill up with the childlike innocence of a beginner in every moment – that’s joy-full. This certainly also supports decision making, wisdom of discernment and other features and qualities needed in our turbulent times.
Real joy is not instead of what goes on, it isn’t a substitute but a fuel that keeps you connected in love and light.

11 Feb (q dc)
Today you may feel like you’ve got it all sussed. You got the whole world in your hands. Looking at your life, things run the way you want them to, you’re satisfied in the material world on the outside. That’s great. And… somewhat brittle … you may be aware of that crackling feeling of a deeper longing for … what exactly… ? … something seems to be missing… and it’s not possible to tell by looking from the outside, what that might even be.
Slow down, you’ve moved too fast, listen a little deeper and become quiet … and in the next moment really still. Especially when you’ve achieved it all, the money and the fame, your reputation is good and you’ve got a bunch of great social contacts or even friends. All that can be taken away, just in a snap of a finger. And then – what?! Then you’ll need a resource that is reliable, something that doesn’t come and go, something inside yourself. You need to know the way to an inner refuge, to the sanctuary inside. That is meditation. Not the actual meditative exercise, but what follows in its wake – an ability to see it all while resting in a serene, reliable non moving here-now. The place that doesn’t come and go, the place that contains all the world you hold and manage, while being perfectly empty in itself. Welcome to being no-one. (You can still play in the world as long as this body form allows you to).

13 Feb (q un)
On this day the universal frequency flow and support is pointing out how we overload ourselves. If we’re lucky, we hear an outcry of “too much” in our inner or outer ears. If we’re less lucky, we still believe that bending our spines under the work load we have chosen is the new normal, in order to be able to solve all the problems that are on our mind. We’re invited to look up and look around, rather than just focusing on the work load and the obligations.
It’s time to review what you’ve volunteered for, even when it’s in the name of the greater good. Choose wisely what you load onto your plate and check your capacity by listening to your body. The body knows very precisely what you can and what you can’t do.
Our resistance to delegating often grows in proportion with the need to delegate! It may be held in taking yourself too seriously or seeing yourself as too essential. Try asking for help! It’ll make your day in many ways! You deserve it! Feeling this and sharing produces more joy.

16 Feb (b em)
Today is a fine chance to recalibrate our orientation to our true origin, our source. Over time, as life is challenging and sometimes hard, we tend to project our origin into dream illusions of ourselves. That leads to building relationships only with people who agree with us. Anything that questions our illusions we try to ignore, whether it is honest and well meant feedback from others, meditation or looking inside.
We may not be able to avoid noticing a stale feeling and exhaustion rather than emotional fulfillment. This comes after meeting all the other “Yes, I know exactly what you mean”-sayers. How do you recalibrate that?
Well, it is not very difficult: Take a deep breath, or two … or three … slow down and look within. With honesty, connecting with your heart. Listening to and feeling the life energy bubbling inside that loves to play, loves to expand in all directions and form you according to the flow of the meeting in the moment. In other words opening to the unknown. This kind of openness changes every relating completely. Suddenly there are all these real people here, right now, including you!

18 Feb repeats the 7th Feb (scroll up)

19 Feb (r un) is a pre-lap of the next cycle
RRResistance, whether conscious or unconscious, eventually leads to a strange kind of competition in the subconscious over what is my main problem, my biggest problem. It’s as though the problems are beginning to fight for centre stage attention in a spotlight run by your frustration. This happens when focus, direction and orientation are lost and the list of complaints about what is missing or wrong is longer than the out breath while you talk about it. … rrrrrrrr… this utterly unsatisfying and rather confusing state comes into being out of a sense of protecting one’s personal freedom by keeping away from anything which looks remotely like dependency. The fear of being “dependent” keeps us away from engaging in things which need focus or commitment, which are mistaken as being the enemies of personal freedom. The funny thing is that these are the very qualities we need to get us out of this strange mess. Giving it a try is the suggestion here, by no means believe anything. Try it out and see.

18 – 20 Feb Blessing Days
may some or all of the above and unimaginable possibilities bless you in your expansion of being you the way you are. It’s an ongoing experiment.

The organ resonating with the frequency of this cycle is the Lungs

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