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with a bow to myself and to you all, to Mama Earth and all her creatures

Sitting silently at my keyboard, feeling, noticing a tendency to “wait for the words to come”. Words seem to wither further away in the space of simply being here; it’s becoming clear that this is what this cycle is mainly about. Connecting again and again with the origin of our being through our heart.
And look at that headline: LOVE. Who can adequately say anything about love … All the good, the ordinary and truthful seems so close to our being that in putting it into words, it becomes a separation. Something in feeling THIS has an ease and a simplicity that surpasses acceptance by the mind and the ease, which vibrates inside and surrounds us when we are in our hearts, is so light and simple that we hardly believe it could be right.

The spiritual heart is our origin. Our ability to live in and notice space and time makes love into an experience. Conscious loving is our nature. It spreads and expands within and around us and becomes compassion when we get the mind out of the way. The heart doesn’t need instructions on “how to love” or “how to self-love”. It knows. It even understands the riddle of being a fallible human with x-many flaws AND a divine Buddha nature at the same time, always. No matter how often we’ve failed or turned our back on the right and the goodness, there’s that place in the heart that is always unharmed, serene, available to open up for you to live in. The moment you do that it will expand as far as you can allow and much further than you can imagine.

Love is defined to be like water. It behaves like water. It takes a round shape in a round container and a square shape in a square container, it follows the pull of gravitation, it flows … Once, our planet managed to produce a lot a of water, which made it possible to create and give birth to conscious life forms and eventually us – able to experience love. The above qualities however do not look very attractive to a goal oriented mind that wants to be special or different. ‘Moving with the flow wherever it leads’ is a strange or even frightening invitation to many, yet it comes closest to the encompassing way of living in the heart. Loving is a very receptive, feminine quality.

The human heart remembers and reflects the original source of life as pure conscious beingness. It has only one purpose besides its biological function, and that is to reconnect to the oneness and share this with others. The expression of that is love. It’s no story of love, simply love itself.
All we need to ‘do’ is learn how to listen with our body cells to the inner sounds of life which reach into the sound of silence. The heart knows how to do this. Love heals – when we let it.

A profound understanding of the heart and it’s healing power is given to us by the Indian Buddhist Master Atisha, who taught in Tibet.
Modern therapy or spiritual human growth movements often orientate in ‘throwing out’ or exhaling negativity and suffering and ‘taking in’/ inhaling positivity.
The amazing thing is: the exact opposite brings about deep and lasting transformation!
Atisha formed his insight into love into the creation of ATISHA’S HEART MEDITATION
It is an easy meditation that uses the power of the heart to transform pain and suffering into love.
Just what we and the world need in these times.

The Shock Points and enhanced energy moments in this cycle are all about learning how we have unknowingly disconnected from the origin of love inside and what our illusions about love are.


7 July (b un) – this one will repeat on the 20th
Here’s our invitation to learn about and let go of self-hatred. How it comes about and why it’s useless. It is suffering that separates us. From ourselves, from the origin, from each other. It is separation that makes us suffer – huh?! Now that sounds like a tricky one and it is. When we suffer, we begin to hate ourselves, which creates more suffering, a vicious circle. It’s based in ideas that something is wrong (with me, with the world, with others, with life itself) and therefore we need to believe in certain methods for improvement or change. As far as body and mind are concerned there are many ways to apply helpful measures when needed for certain conditions. But that’s not even the point. Whether you suffer with a situation, a condition or a symptom or you simply notice it, apply what’s needed and be with what is has to do with an ability to stay out of judgment and drop the mind’s measure tape, the comparison and expectations on yourself. We suffer until we discover that that is actually not needed! You can only be how you are. By embracing that for fact you’ll find you be getting a lot lighter in both ways: more light and less heavy.

9 July (l em) will repeat as “part 1” on 22 July, next cycle
The energy today vibrates an invitation to look at workaholism and denial of any easy or good time. It’s usually a very future oriented attitude looking at either material success or hoping for emotional gratification by proving one’s worthiness through being the best and hardest worker. O Dear! Do we know this one? Well, if like me you do, let’s sit back, relax, breath out, have a cuppa (that’s Aussie for a cup of tea or coffee) … dare to put your legs up, too?! Aaah! and let it be known to every one of our cells in the brain and the body: You are loved for who you are, not for what you do!
Even when that love seems absent at the time and the lover doesn’t have a face right now, you are loved for who you are. There’s one little place INSIDE YOU that always knows that. That’s a space within your own heart. Trust that. Try it. You’ll find it! The moment you stop believing you have to work extra hard to justify your existence. And if all that feels too easy or too difficult, take a friend’s hand, or your dog’s paw or your cat on your lap and listen to the love song that vibrates inside you. Welcome love, let’s give it a chance!

12 July – (f mi) with an instruction for a meditation!
This is reconstruction day. Helpful energy waves flowing in to shed a light onto that which is no longer needed, which is false and fake in our programming, our conditioning, our habits and so forth and how to transform that energy to serve self-healing. If you like to give it a go today, sit for a few moments and bring awareness to your three main centres: the Hara, the Heart, The Mind. Simply be aware of those centres, one by one, and imagine a connection between them. Then listen and look inside. Do not expect anything. There may be surprising suggestions coming up in either words or pictures or as sensations, as to what’s no longer needed at all and how the energy freed up in letting that go will assist transformation.
Understanding what has caused imbalance in our life helps with turning towards truly fresh and new ways. The clearance is in overcoming that which is self destructive for an as yet unknown and wonderful creation that is actually you. Hugging is the best way to start exploring and sharing this.

16 July (b dc)
Learning love needs a lot of the feminine power and wisdom to assist us in the process. That is what is accessible today and will vibrate with enhanced energy. It is tenderness that brings it about. Being tender and receptive with yourself is a good start. In a similar way as Atisha’s Heart Meditation, the feminine wisdom unfolds every so often quite differently or even opposite to what we have learned. It’s receptive openness that invites the qualities of the heart. What are those? They are truth, virtue and beauty. In a way they are interconnected. Like light and flame belong to the fire, virtue and beauty are intrinsic to truth. Love joins all beings and all attributes within your own being in a simple equality. The heart is innocent. It is the true ruler of our existence, the origin and the purpose of our being here.
Let’s give love a chance. True Love pulses.

20 July
on this day the frequency constellation of 7 July occurs again. This day and the next two are the blessing days for love – in your life for Mama Earth and everything living thing.

The organ benefiting from the transformation in this cycle: the heart

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