6-21 May: Remembering Self

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Self-Discovery is more a remembering than any kind of doing or intellectual understanding. The cosmic frequencies of this cycle support memory as well as self remembrance. One could see memory as “the story” and remembrance as the ability to be centred in awareness, beyond questions and answers.
Over the course of our human history the answers to the Who?-Why?-What? questions have formed an enormous memory bank of the human self as a species, a DNA code, a race or an ethnic, cultural or social appearance. That memory bank is available. It is actually vibrant and accessible as a potential throughout time, yet luckily we access only a tiny fraction of it in each life time. As individuals, we remember only what we need to remember to learn and grow in this life. As a collective, we do remember all our history in seed form. We’re all-ways connected within it.

In our individual nervous systems, the electrical signals which form “the story of me” have reached to specific areas of the brain because the personal program that designs us runs an electrical charge. This produces exactly the kind of cognition in the now that we need to operate and it also produces RE-cognition when we see something we’ve seen before and therefore know from the past. Some of us have experiences of “deja vu” or find themselves in a scene they have dreamt before. How is something like this possible?

It is less miraculous than we may imagine. It has to do with the fact that the mind can process only ONE thing at a time. It cannot think two thoughts or feel two feelings at the same time. Try it out! Do not believe this. Try it …
This limitation of mind has created our sense of time, of past and future. ‘Mind is time’ in that it is aligning the various memories, bit by bit, into a line of time. Thus creating a story (of me). The only place and time where mind can not be is RIGHT NOW. In the middle of now, in the middle of the moment, there is no-thing. That is scary to the mind. It exists through identifying objects. And yet, no-thing is the doorway into the remembrance of oneself as essence, as beingness, as conscious awareness aware of itself. Gautama Buddha has called it “Sammasati” (right remembrance). There are many ways to describe it and none can be fully accurate, because … there is no-thing … in awareness in the middle of this moment.

This cycle invites us to centre ourselves in the unknown and the unknowable. Hara oriented meditation greatly supports this. We can take steps in that direction by overcoming our habitual orientation in what’s right and what’s wrong. Overcoming doesn’t mean to lose adequate evaluation or the ability to make sensible choices. It means not being glued to the meaning we’ve learned through others about our actions and projecting that into the future, or anywhere away from here and now. Taking a step back from the interpretations society wants us to make, from speculation or confabulation about how we believe we and the world should be, and exploring with our own perception and intelligence how it is NowHere.
You want to find who you truly are, be fully here. It’s simply about the naked NOW – WOW!!!


12 May (w un)
Once we have a taste of reality and a taste of personal self, we may find to our surprise that sometimes we don’t seem to know which is which. We need to hang in there and hold still in the middle of this puzzle.
I remember hearing often that “you are Buddha nature and at the same time you are simply yourself as you are.” For years I would imagine that in some kind of essence way there was a Buddha nature, while I could not comprehend that “me as I am would sync with that?” Mind cannot grasp this. It forever considers cause and effect to be reality. Tibetan Buddhism calls this the ‘fundamental ignorance’ and defines it as the root of all problems. Mind cannot do it. It will always find shortcomings and flaws in oneself that won’t fit with its concept of Buddha nature and therefore believe one is wrong as a human being. Just right now, drop a little deeper and feel how your heart responds to this statement that you are Buddha nature and you are simply yourself the way you are. The heart doesn’t have a problem with it. A sense of deeper expansion opens. A dropping deeper to the real silent centre where nothing moves this way or that. You’re here, present, available. Able to respond to the moment like a beginner in this instant, with the innocence of a child and yet fully equipped with the knowledge of an adult.
All the muddle around ‘subjective versus objective truth’ falls into silence in our being.

13 May (b mi)
(the frequency constellation happened before on 5th May)
A real shower of grace is possible today, blessing the aspect in us that is connected to our sense of objective truth. It upholds the laws of objective truth and can be strongly opinionated in opposition to certain things, in order to maintain a balance in life for oneself and others. In itself, it is a ‘balanced force’ It is balanced between the feminine and masculine qualities of compassion and action. It has to do with thinking in terms of the heart and expressing the heart, while protecting the environment from any evil by refusing to allow ignorance. Those heartful qualities flower as long as we are fuelling them by being natural and ordinary. In becoming extraordinary, we will lose both the balance and the sense of objective truth. This then becomes distorted into an ignorance towards matters of the heart and necessary action in the environment. The entering and balancing forces are the yang and the yin, the male and female energies inside of us. When those flow in harmony and find inner peace, there will be no fighting among human beings and we may express our potential as Love and compassion for all beings.

16 May (hem, wdc)
Today we’re invited and supported by the cosmic frequencies to observe and experience two shock points in one day. Those are unpleasant experiences for our psyche, which we probably all know: Being wrong and shame. They’re both biggies in the way they appear to control us. The “being wrong’ part is run by the more male aspects inside us, the shame by the more female aspects. The male aspect of mind and psyche that wants reasons and explanations for everything in life will start looking for proof of being wrong, simply because there is a sense of feeling incomplete. From a deeper knowing that completion is what’s wanted and what would be natural, the mind concludes “I must be wrong” and looks for proof. The illusion is that once an explanation is found, we could get the whole thing under control. The urge to stay in control causes a lot of stress in the system and can extend into producing symptoms in order to prove that we are wrong.

That kind of gloomy gluing to reason weakens the receptive awareness of the more feminine parts in us. The energy collapses and begins to feel shame … for no reason. Shame is a crippling power and usually doesn’t even have a cause that can be named. It paralyses our life energy into hiding for fear of humiliation because of something we vaguely sense, but don’t even know, we have or haven’t done. Having said all this – and I’m pretty sure you will recognise it -what’s the good news?! Well, taking a look at the source of unworthiness, of feeling wrong or shame, it turns out that it all has to do with other people’s stories, opinions and behaviour toward you. It may run deep but none of it has arisen in any natural way from within. Here’s our chance to turn our back on the story and open to the silence within, in order to remember who we really are.

The process of letting go of story often thrives with assistance through meditation, spiritual therapy or healing work. Some of those parts that run the sense of being wrong or shame have deep roots in conditioning, which tricks us into believing that what we sense, see or feel is real. Yet the power of those mechanisms doesn’t make them true. With assistance or without, it is our willingness to let the unknown reveal itself that is our best ally on the journey. Once we centre inside, what will reveal is that which is always graceful, always aware and reliably connected to life in living and in dying. In my experience, Tibetan Pulsing has a capacity to profoundly assist this!

21 May (x dc preview-overlap from next cycle)
On this day we are challenged to review our evaluation of all the great memories from the past. The ones we want so much to repeat that we believe by recreating the circumstances, or visiting the same places, we could once again get what we want. Perhaps, once upon a time, we did get it.
Since motivation and wanting is driven by making a move – when wanting something we literally say “I am going for it!” – it can lead to a lot of running around, burning energy and changing locations or circumstance, but not getting what you’re dreaming of.
There’s one way out of the mess – you may guess! Yes, stop and slow down, become still inside, meditate over it: sit, fold your legs up, there’s no where to go right now, become a silent observer, listening inside.
Surprising discoveries may come your way; it may be revealed that what you wanted is not be what’s really needed. Or you find that your desire gets confirmed as an appropriate plan in harmony with you and the world around you, but needs to be approached in a different way. Either way the answer lies within.
It is always already inside, just covered by the overlay of our plans. Some of us remember John Lennon saying: “Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans” … it’s to do with that. What you’re really looking for shows up when you are out of the way and openly listening with your clever head switched off and awareness switched ON!

Blessing days always emphasise what is transformed or what we still need to attend to. May you be graced and showered with opportunities to remember and realised who and how you truly are.

The physical organ benefiting from transformation in this cycle: Pons


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