22 May – 6 June: Exit-IN! It’s all about Meditation!

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Times of turbulence seem to become the new normal. In a way we adjust and get used to it, yet there is still every possible impulse to escape; wanting to run away, to do SOMETHING … anything to change things. When being in the world seems absolutely unbearable it may be time to consider what does it actually means “Not being of the world and still being in it.”

This cycle invites Meditation. Meditation is often understood as a sitting, doing nothing, chanting Om kind of thing. Or concentration on self-hypnotic suggestions. Well – it may be, but it is not only these things. What meditation is, mainly, is seeing it all. Being aware and open in witnessing. Which means without judgment, comparison or expectation.
When meditation really works it becomes an invisible powerful undercurrent, running reliably beneath both action and non action. It carries you through life and supports you in an effortless and graceful way that develops your capacity to do – or not do – just about anything. Decisiveness and wisdom of discernment grow automatically. IT’S WORTH A TRY!

It really is all about Meditation in Action! I keep coming across people who believe that as circumstances grow painfully worse in our world, we’d rather “not meditate but DO SOMETHING!”
Fair enough guys, as long as one categorises meditation as an “instead occupation, when you’ve got the time for it”. It starts with taking time aside to practice: when it begins to work it becomes the flow that carries you through whatever crises and hardship arise as well as all the joys. For the longest time we’ve tried to “just do it!” haven’t we? I’m not suggesting to become meditative couch potatoes, ignoring what goes on! Yes we will take action in the appropriate moment. With a body-system calm and available, a mind clear and capable to decide.
In order to be able to meet conflict in a resourceful way that enables sensible and doable solutions, we need our heads clear of unnecessary thoughts and our bodies fuelled with energy. That energy can only restore itself when we give it time-space and an inner climate that supports it.

So this cycle invites us to be aware as we move along in our daily lives; meeting our reactions, fears and pains with awareness. Embracing what assails us invites transformation. In this way Meditation is really about SEEING IT ALL! SEEING WHAT GOES ON IN THIS MOMENT with openness of mind and heart.
When we start to learn the practices, it can look like an “instead solution.” For the longest time in my life, it was that. Meditating instead of becoming too depressed, or too angry, for too long. Or whatever else wasn’t invited into my personal comfort zone play of wanting to be a certain way.
During these 16 days, the universe supports us to be ourselves the way we are, rather than trying to become something else. That puts an end to feeling split. In an inner state of wholeness it is much easier to know where to go, and when to go, or when to keep still because it’s not the time for action. Guess-working how to live and bear it all will give way to growing into our full capacity to deliver all the service our hearts long to share with each other and our beloved planet.


22 May (X un) Meditation in Action
This is a transmission day! You can receive it just by being attentive, by being open. The transmission of the Zen masters: Internal silence in the midst of external action. Moving with totality, it will even appear that you are doing the same stuff as everyone else in daily life, but being free inside, not identified. That’s what makes all the difference. And here’s the “how to”.
By being available to action in non-action, to playing your role in life without expectations of owning it, directing it or fear of losing it. When you manage to be that kind of player, the burden of self doubt or the fear of stepping out of line and what that might do to you – all this kind of terror turns around towards your own centre and transforms into energy, ready to use, spend, share in whatever way applies, sensible and beneficial for yourself and others in this moment. A great way to get there is being of service to others. That’s it.

24 May (c mi) Aligning Mind and Heart
Another great support from the universal frequencies today! Whohoo! – are we ready to open and tune the connection between the mind and the heart?! They seem so contradictory, don’t they; and yet there is a way they can meet and form an alliance, an allegiance with each other. When mind and heart relate naturally, it not only gets you what you want but also produces brilliance.
Tuning that connection needs one ingredient: fearlessness. Not being afraid of oneself and all the aspects and parts involved. We’re not talking about what I call “foolish fearlessness” which comes too close to ignorance. We’re talking about letting go of the psychological fears created by the mind that keep suggesting how to be, in ways that cripple and freeze your energy before it reaches expression.
So what you can “do” today in order to give your nervous system an opportunity to recalibrate is get ready to really look inside and meet whatever it is that’s there with an open mind and heart. The willingness to turn your back to the good old approach of trying to figure it all out by thinking will help a lot as well. By allowing your heart to take over you’ll get closer to this joint venture between mind and heart, which is definitely possible – and worthwhile. You no longer need to go on suffering about “How you are”. You gain brilliance and inner integrity.

29 May (i em) Transforming contracts in relationship into real loving.
Today is our chance to face our relationship strategies. Especially those in close love relationship. Are they built on love and run by the heart, or have we instead slipped into fulfilling contracts within our own minds and with the other person ?
We may have started off in an innocent or even slightly naive but certainly romantic way, simply wanting the best for ourselves and for our partner. Fair enough. As some of the glitter and glory wears off over time and the holes that are left are not automatically refilled with deeper insight and greater loving, we begin to fill those deficiencies with ideas and contracts. Before you know it, what started off as loving has become a ‘love business’. Both partners may continue to believe that they are the greatest couple in the world, with all the best assets to hand – and maybe they would be … if only the heart connection was still intact!
If you identify contracts in your relationship, which make you feel a bit stale or embarrassed – address that! Review it within yourself first and share with your partner. You probably never meant this to become a trade or a deal. The heart just wants to be connected, to feel. It is not primarily interested in high achievements or society status games. Taking a walk together, holding hands and not talking may take care of a lot – today!

3 June (X dc) Past is Past
On this day we are invited to review our evaluation of the great memories from the past. The ones we want so much to repeat that we believe by recreating the circumstances, or visiting the same places, we could once again get what we want and once upon a time, perhaps, we have gotten before.
Motivation and wanting is fuelled by making a move – we literally say “I want this, I am going for it now” – This can lead to a lot of running around, burning energy and changing locations or circumstances, but not getting what you’re dreaming of.
There’s one way out of the mess – you may guess! Yes, meditate over it: sit, fold your legs up, there’s no where to go right now, become a silent witness listening inside.
You may be surprised to discover that what you wanted may not be what’s really needed. Or that it is confirmed as an appropriate plan in harmony with you and the world around you, but needs to be approached in a different way. Either way the answer lies within. It is already there, just overlaid by your plans. Some of us remember John Lennon saying: “Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans” … it’s to do with that. What you’re really looking for shows up when you are out of the way and silently listening with your clever head switched off and awareness switched ON!

4 June (repeats 22 May and 24 May)
Two second chances today, two shock points in one day to check in again and see how you’re going.
Part 1: please read 22 May
Part 2: please read 24 May

The physical organ benefiting from transformation in this cycle: The Legs

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