7 – 21 March: Stability in a Changing World

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Overcoming Self-Pity, (self created) Depression and Guilt

In this Cycle is the time to listen to the wind … to slow down inside and listen to the response of nature in you … Admittedly, this cycle does have a collection of stuff we all do and know; but prefer to hide, mostly from ourselves, for fear of being too embarrassed. … Well, here’s news: the times are over when we could afford such privileges. Let’s get on with our inquiry. There’s one great method: Hug a tree and listen to it. There’s something about trees that they hold a wisdom, like the open secret of living and dying as part of life. To experience this song can give us a great sense of deep rooted security in being here, independent of what goes on. When listening carefully inside, you may get a gentle sense that this isn’t “the tree’s security” – it’s yours and the tree’s… you are treeing, too. This is revealed when we slow down to the non-speed of TREEING …

By slowing down, beauty reaches us more deeply, too. There’s a second picture up there… aren’t they beautiful, the little snails. Have you ever watched snails making love? It’s an amazingly elegant and ever so slow dance … extremely sensitively tuned. These fellows carry their house with them – now, that’s a reassuring idea, but … is it safe? If you remember the sound of these mobile homes cracking when a bigger animal – like a human – accidentally steps on them … so fragile … no safety in that way at all.

We are a fragile species as well, we instinctively and naturally strive for secure and safe environments. Especially when it comes to housing and homes. The sense for that gets passed on and taught to us by Mother. Every mother of every life form on this planet has the job of teaching how to conform with the environment, in order to be safe. For us humans it includes emotional and psychological safety. Since there is no guarantee of safety- not even for the best of concepts and ideas about it! – the Felt need for it can produce some very strange concepts about how to behave, in order to be liked and not get hurt, or about who to be with or to avoid.
There’s an inner knowing in us that real creativity can only flower in security – which is why the writer gets a prepaid advance to write the book and patrons or donors support artists so they can paint or compose while not having an income. The sense for security and safety in our immediate environment roots in the need to support our growth and relaxation for creativity to flower.

The problem is that we get attached to the outer form that once secured our living. We then believe this to be the reason for our comfort. In this state, we overlook the authentic spot inside. What’s that? That is actually our ability to adapt, to conform, to reform, to play in all sorts of circumstances, to be more like water than like stone, to move with the flow. The safe and secure way to go is with the unpredictable ever changing flow of life, whatever it brings.
Overcoming fear of change will liberate you from clinging to the status quo, to the known and free you up to grow right into the sky, while keeping roots in the earth wherever you are. It’s the clinging, which produces depression or even self-destruct, not the circumstance.

On this planet, in this world right now, fundamental changes and radical new ways of living and reorganising our human, animal and plant life are calling us to risk a jump into the unknown. We need to try new ways, to let go of clinging to status, matter or concepts of the past. This cycle is a good time to practice. Especially on the Shock Point Days (read below the “WHAT TO WATCH”) we can recognise what it is that keeps us from moving with the flow.

Let’s look at WHAT TO WATCH (the ‘Shock Points’)

8 March (s dc)
Pffffft …. uuuuffff…. in case you feel like the last bit of breath just left you and you’re trapped in a body that cannot move anymore – but you’re not actually in the dying process – well, you’re right in tune with today’s energy. And, there’s something in it to see, to learn.
In this case, it’s a psychological state, which only one person is responsible for: you.
That may be uncomfortable news, but the good part is that it means you can get out of it. You may feel like you are flat on the ground, pressed down by ‘evil forces outside of you’, and helpless.
Check on the self-pity levels: they are the glue that keeps the suffering in place.
Check on your health support in your life-style …?! …! Ah! … maybe there have been substances or lazy lesser quality intakes, which challenge the cleansing organs of your body too much and thus push the brain towards dark gloomy ideas? That can be helped! Crawl towards the kitchen and start with a fresh Green or Fruit Smoothy!
Another pattern, a little more tricky, likes to come alongside self-pity: guilt. Now, if there is an issue, if you really derailed and caused hurt, you’ll know it. Get up or at least switch on that smart phone, apologise to your friend, neighbour or family member and get ready to bring more awareness to the arena of your derailment from now on. That’s called taking responsibility.
When you’ve not done anything, feeling guilty doesn’t make any sense at all, unless … it’s your preferred little comfort zone? … well, really? … Yes, that is also very possible: feeling guilty for the suffering of the world is one of the Ego’s most loved spots. It thrives in it …. the truth is, that this is utterly useless and unhealthy.
However much we may have liked in the past to enrol in that – it’s time to sort out that nonsense with some wisdom of discernment. Rejecting guilt is a good start. There’s either no need for it, ’cause there’s no issue or, if there is an issue, you can take responsibility.
In both cases, that horrible energy which traps you into the body, feeling immobile, loosens up. Your spine can reach up again and you reach out from depression into contact and communication. Then, guess what, there are others for whom life is sometimes not easy. They, like you, love to share and support each other with listening and loving attention.

11 March (w mi)
brings an invitation which needs courage: overcoming “Right & Wrongs”. We’re all full of it, aren’t we. We’ve all been told so many “right & wrongs” that some or maybe most of that categorising stuff has become our normal. Whether it roots in a moral, social or religious context, whether it comes along looking ‘legitimate’ or ‘justified’ – and it often is – it creates a trap too easy to step into: total identification with righteousness. It becomes a concept that we get stuck in, feeling convinced by our own explanations of how life should be. Since this is polarised, it creates separation. And whether your pick of “right or wrong” is useful, ethical or just – when it comes from an identified mind as a concept, it will always leave you unsatisfied, somewhat stuck and feeling disconnected.

Usually all the Right n Wrong rules are supposedly serving to uphold order, to keep us safe and secure. Many of those rules may actually work. It’s not that the ideas are wrong 🙂 – it’s how we PRE-install them in a way that stops our natural energy from flowing. 

When you manage to stay available to the moment, when you allow life to take you on its shoulders rather than the other way round – you’ll find that you’re perfectly capable of responding to what’s in front of you. You don’t need a catalogue of “right-doings”, installed as a control tool. When you make a mistake, life will show that to you and you’ll see it sooner or later; when you respond in synchronicity with God’s plan, you’ll feel that too. 

In this moment, while writing, I hear the outcry of young parents’ voices in my inner ear – YES! the kids need protection and guidance. Sure thing. That rather concerns practical matters. What they don’t need is conceptual moral, ethical, spiritual theories on how to be. They have had their own “how” since they were born. They will learn to form that within the world of forms around them. The job of Grown Ups is to protect them from harm, but not to create imaginary harm in their minds and limit them from exploring by crushing their energy into “rights & wrongs” about stuff they haven’t even met yet. 

Just imagine … there’s no heaven … above us only sky … living life in peace as who we are, how we are. It’s possible and we can! That’s as secure an order as it gets.

14 March (s un)
Getting comfy, feeling snug as a bug in a rug and enjoying one’s home. It’s a good day for this. Whatever it is that makes you feel safe and secure, enjoy where and how your system restores its energy and you can become creative. When we’ve done our homework on the Rights ‘n Wrongs, it becomes a lot easier to be truly at home in our very individual ways, which may be different from the common way around us. That inner stability, which ‘home’ gives us, can be achieved in different ways by different people.
Some of us are travelers and perfectly happy to anchor the ‘home sense’ in various places or into an attic with the pre-loved collection of our stuff stored in it. Some people travel with their homes. Whichever way, we do need that sense of ‘safe and secure place now’. That is possible and the emphasis here is ‘now’.

We can contribute to feeling safe, help create it according to our needs. Just one thing to understand, this will not be the address, a certain place, a certain way. Too much attachment to that often creates difficulty. When ‘home’ gets totally associated with outer circumstance, we will experience some very disturbing disruption within, when these circumstances suddenly change. So, while you have the circumstances you like, take a look within and learn what it is that actually makes you feel at home, what let’s you know inside that you feel safe and sound? It is a response from within.
In an ever changing and obviously very unstable world, it helps to cherish access to the inner home feelings. Listening inside is what connects you to it. I do not usually mention organs in this blog, but in this case: make friends with your liver. She’s the one who resonates with all of this. (In case you’re unsure, the liver is on the right side of the body under and below the rib cage, a pretty big organ. Put your hand there, you can’t miss it.) I’m not suggesting spiritual or therapeutic solutions for practical problems or issues with ‘homes or housing’. I do not mean to sing “home is where the heart is” while not having a place to sleep. That won’t help matters. The comfy loved outer home helps you to discover your resonance zone within for feeling at home. Once you do feel at home from within yourself, that straightens your posture, you’ll walk upright and strong through thick ‘n thin and all the changes, including the most unfortunate surprises. Good Luck.

15 March (d em)
Admittedly, as we said at the beginning, this cycle does have a collection of stuff we all do and know, but prefer to hide. The times truly are over when we could afford such indulgent privileges. Let’s get on with the cleaning up, after all it’s about overcoming the shadow creators in our life, turning towards that which is full of light already and independent of circumstance.
That was the prep talk!
Now let’s take a look and say your last Good Byes to the fear of looking inside, of becoming silent, together with any ideas that this will put you out of control (IT WILL BUT THERE IS NO ACTUAL DANGER).

All that does, or has done for you so far, is crippling you into an invented helplessness, into a lie, which you believe before anyone else does. And what does that serve? … Being inferior and forcing others to play the superior for you. Oops, ouch, know that one?! Yeah … mmmm … doing it ?… no, no of course not YOU, but you sure know people who do … well … you can secretly get finished with it, but make sure that’s what you want.
All it needs is a simple radical 100% STOP – not the dropping dead kind, not the freeze … the awake, aware, available kind of STOP. Stop that game and look inside … listen within and into the void …

Thank you! You are so incredibly beautiful! Namaste!

21 March (s dc) repeats 8 March

20 – 22 March the Blessing Days – remember: a blessing can be a great good fortune or a clear nudge to remind us of the homework we’ve got to do. Keep safe and take care!

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2 thoughts on “7 – 21 March: Stability in a Changing World

  1. Dear Adima. I need to share some facts and information I came to know about in my 25 years of studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism under highly qualified lamas and teachers It is something to reflect upon.
    The 5 major organs, heart, spleen,lungs, kidneys and liver are places where we store our main negative emotions. But the Tibetan tradition, including Traditional Tibetan Medicine,Buddhist Lamas and astrologers and also Traditional Chinese medIcine, Taoist and Qigong masters have a different classification on which they all agree, and which is different from Dheeraj system.
    anger is stored in the liver,- depression and sadness is stored in the lungs,-fear in the kidneys
    worry and anxiety is stored in the spleen. Heart remains the same. The Hara does not store negative emotions, but can be depleted of energy or weakened.
    I knew this for a long time ,but kept quiet and had difficulty to accept, but now I think it is time to share because we cannot ignore the 2 great Asian traditions out of which the pulsing originated. And there is more information but I leave it with this.
    I find your website beautiful and feel grateful for your sharing.
    Love to you and Sudeva

    1. Dear Devanshu,

      Thank you for your comment.

      What you express, I have heard often over the years and also in the good old days while I studied TP. I’ve asked Dheeraj about it, as it was challenging for me (being a Tongue and wanting things to be “true”). I asked especially about the “anger in the liver”.
      I remember him saying that the difficulty would be that the way he received the work ran through the 5th body or level of consciousness. The perception of traditional Tibetan Medicine etc is on other angles of looking at things. This may sound like a lame excuse in some ears – or too esoteric – but I must say that over time, I discovered a lot of what he might have meant in my own nervous system.

      I do see and feel how anger AFFECTS the liver strongly (it is my complementary organ). I also experience and watchl how the original IMPULSES for negative emotion in general do derive from what could be generally called the Hara… the instinctive level of psycho-emotional states. This “theory – which is for me a reality – resembles the insight of trauma experts, saying that a lot of negative imprints gets stored in the reptile brain… which is connected to the Hara (if anywhere). It does not respond to words or touch (sambhogakaya) but it does respond to feeling, sensuality, perception …

      So I believe that the dilemma we are facing here is that of different angles of view points.

      Depression and sadness in the lungs make total sense when you look in the circuits as defined by TP: qmnqS (liver in the DC) of course it hits the lungs!
      Fear in the kidneys, I agree and perceive that, too … as the kidneys are the complementary organ of the Hara (same Tarot cards) … look at Germany, the whole country is and was mainly run by fear!

      I believe that our beloved teacher Dheeraj categorised according to what DRIVES the machine, while the categories everyone else has aggreed upon look into which organs are most AFFECTED.

      After all… it may not be contradictory but complementary! So thank you very much for your (long held) sharing!

      Maybe for some of our readers this discussion may sound bit far fetched or too complicated.

      May we be forgiven… thank you for your sharing, Devanshu.


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